Clinic Catch Up

What a whirl wind of a week it\’s been! I haven\’t even had a chance to tell you how our clinic with World Champion and 2-Time World\’s Greatest Horseman, Ted Robinson on Easter weekend went!

\"\"Essentially, it was great. Ted\’s a pretty knowledgeable guy. And with a list of accolades longer than my arm, there\’s no disputing that he knows what he\’s talking about when it comes to the discipline of working cow horse.

\"\"On April 6, Ted conducted a full day to open riders only. And on April 7, non-pros also received the benefit of his instruction.

Of course on our end, a lot of work went into getting our place ready to host such an event. There was the arena ground prep:

\"\"Then my husband had to open up a wider area to allow for more parking…

\"\"90 head of cattle had to be brought in…


And of course, as soon as the cattle and Ted (who hails from California) all got here – it started to snow.

\"\"Not sure if anyone was as impressed as I was, but I thought it all made for a beautiful scene. And the snow on our \”palm trees\” was just downright funny.


We had a great time and hopefully everyone who participated, or came to watch had a good time too!

Presently speaking, my mare, Chicolet came home today. And I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of the readers who sent me texts, Facebook messages, emails and even phone calls to offer their expressions of sympathy when she experienced foaling dystocia last week. Chicolet is on the mend and returned from Moore & Co. Vet clinic this morning – she had to stay for a while to ensure she passed her placenta and didn\’t develop laminitis as a result. If you want to check out Chicolet\’s unfortunate story, you can read it here.


Since that day, we do have a 3rd healthy foal on the ground, born to our program in Saskatchewan – this time, a sorrel colt with another interesting marking on his face…

\"\"I\’m happy to report he\’s doing well!


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