30 Years of Canadian Supreme

If there\’s one enduring stream to what we\’ve always strived for at the magazine, it\’s championing the western way of life, and central to it, our competitive horse sports. This week, the pinnacle event for cutting, cow horse and reining happens at the Canadian Supreme in Red Deer, Alberta, running today through Sunday.

It\’s tough to find a competition that has successfully showcased these three disciplines anywhere in North America, never mind one with the tenacious band of volunteers behind the scene, especially when you consider the factors that go into running a show of this caliber across three disciplines – the ground, cattle management and all of the various individual sport demands. Throw in a horse sale on the Friday night, a trade show, and special event on the Saturday night (by the way, Western Horse Review will be presenting a special award on this night, one close to our hearts!), and you can\’t come away with anything but respect for the longevity and success of the event.

Core to the competition are the horses and people we\’ve come to admire and look forward to cheering on each year. A decade or so ago, the organization gifted me with dozens of CDs of old photos. Since the event is just shy of 40 years I thought it\’d be fun to look back at some of the highlights of the past sets of decades – 1985, 1995 and 2005. Enjoy and see you at the show.

2005. . .


\"paulismith\" \"jim&heather\" \"gary&dave\" \"brad&clay\" \"batty&hook\"

1995. . .

\"Bonnie \"Gerry \"Carl \"Rick

1985. . .

\"Bill \"David \"Duane \"Gerry \"Jason \"Jim \"lestimmons_urbancowgirl_pres_1985\"

1 thought on “30 Years of Canadian Supreme”

  1. Lisa Whitman

    after spending more than a decade loping and caring for hundreds of the real stars of the show, the horses, entertaining clients to help them in achieving their Supreme dream and supporting and cheering hundreds of fellow trainers, their spouses and families and their customers as well and rooting for our customers… AND competing and running the barrel race offered one year
    I have never ONCE appeared in ANY issue releases celebrating
    I think that’s not nice … Just sayin

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