An Injury

Walking across the frosty 4:00 a.m. yard with a scarf wrapped around my head, tall rubber boots and a raincoat over a housecoat, over a t-shirt I wore to bed only a few hours before, makes me feel more than a little like Oma heading to the dairy barn. Quite likely I may appear as an apparition of her too, but that may be beside the point.

It isn\’t a barnful of restless, udder-bursting Holsteins calling my attention, but a lone Paint gelding. You see, our beloved Blue sustained an eye injury 10 days ago, landing him here in this large animal clinic  . . .


. . . and, resulting in his current conundrum – stall rest, lavage in eye, and an every 4-hours med schedule. It feels a little bit like having a baby again, where the 4:00 a.m. call is only slightly more palatable than the midnight awakening. But, as a fellow 4-H Dad said to me at our inaugural club meeting last night, \”You look after him! We can\’t lose Blue!\”

Absolutely. We cannot lose Blue. For I can\’t imagine our life without him, and therefore, between Teenager and I, we haven\’t missed a 4-hour call.

Thanks to the excellent team of veterinary angels at Moore Equine, and his own affable attitude, he\’s responding well to treatment, and set to go for an early morning (wait, it is early morning) check-up in just a few hours.

I\’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Your story pulled on the heart strings of my memories in a life time of horses. While working at a Thoroughbred Breeding farm, I was delegated to care for a Yearling who had sustained a bad eye injury. His right eye had been surgically stitched closed to shield his retina during healing. When he returned from the Veterinary Clinic, he also had a small tube taped to his face, which helped to lubricate his eye lid. I was so pleased when this colt recovered well. I do believe with our horses, like our children, we go that extra mile, because we care and because it matters–and more importantly, because our equine (and infant) dependants rely on us. I’ve seen lots of those early mornings. Best of luck with Blue! from: Audrey Wood, AQHA # 0603714, NRHA # 14522

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