5 Cool Equine Apps

Technology can either keep you sane – or make you crazy. But if you\’re one of those people who prefers to ride the techno-wave long before anyone else jumps on the boat, here are 5 cool apps that will make your mobile device much more than just talk and music.
1. Equine Vet
The ‘Equine vet’ app is a veterinary app for horse owners. It contains 10 of the most common equine health, disease and illnesses you need to be familiar with as a horse owner. It also includes chapters on the expectant and foaling mare, and an Equine Veterinary Exam with over 120 questions. This app was created by registered veterinary surgeon Pat Power, M.V.B., M.R.C.V.S, from Ireland.
Content includes:
– An exam with over 100 multiple choice questions covering gastric ulcers, sweet itch, colic, parasites, lameness, dental care, mud rash, vaccinations, stranges, the expectant and foaling mare, and laminitis.
-Parasites, including large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, tapeworms, pinworns, bots and threadworms, common signs and management.
-Laminitis, including the causes, risk factors, signs of acute laminitis, signs of chronic laminitis and treatment.
-Gastric ulcers; symptoms and treatment.
-Vaccinations, including tetanus/lock jaw, influenza, rhinopneumonitis and rotavirus.
-Lameness; description and recommendation

– Strangles, signs, symptoms and treatment.
-Colic, including 16 signs of colic, what information to provide your vet when contacting them, steps to be taken the three main colic types explained, treatment options, and recommended management and preventative tips.




5. EquiCalc
EquiCalc uses your horse\’s heart girth measurement and the length from point of shoulder to point of buttock to estimate your horse\’s weight, which can be useful when administering dewormer and for feeding purposes. The app is designed to work with both imperial and metric figures. Developed by EquiApps.com.








4. iWhinny
Missing your horse, want to surprise and confuse your friends, or just want to see some photos of gorgeous horses?! Play 12 different horse whinnys, each with its own cute horse picture and saying. The perfect horse quick fix!







3. Horse Budget
Horse Budget allows you to keep track of your spending and let you know when to rein it in! This app can help you create a monthly spending budget and keep track of your weekly, monthly and yearly spending. You can record item spending by date, add detailed descriptions and view expenses in simple pie charts, illustrating a summary of your top 10 spending categories. Visual highlighting further increases your spending awareness by using a red or green light to show you if you over (red) or within (green) your budget.
Pre-loaded categories include; Alternative therapies, arena hire, bedding, books & mags, boots & bandages, cleaning, competition fees, show clothes, dentistry, driving equipment, farrier, feed / grazing, fencing, arena, footwear, grooming & clipping, ropes, insurance, prize money, purchase price, vet fees, blankets, barn supplies, transportation, fuel, vaccines, deworming, plus more.

Available on iTunes





2. EquiList 1.0
Developed by EquiApps.com, the EquiList app is a simple digital checklist that grooms and riders can use while preparing to attend a horse show. Items are organized into categories for travel, documents, grooming, tack and the rider. The pre-loaded list contains over 100 items. Users may then add, delete and customize the list to their particular show needs. There is a checkbox that can be marked off as each item is packed. Touch the Edit button to delete items from the list. Touch on an item to modify details of an existing item. This will take you to a detail screen that allows you to change the text, choose a section for the item and mark whether the item is packed. Click the Add button to add a new item to your list. Happy showing!



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  1. Pamela Sabo

    Ummm, apparently the “Equilist” app is no longer available. They removed it when Apple initiated their Reminder app. Took me about 15 minutes of searching to finally see that post under EquiApp.com’s link’s page. Too bad, I was looking forward to grabbing it.

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