A Cowboy Wedding


Dave and I had the pleasure of attending a unique and beautiful western wedding last week… that of professional bull rider Tyler Thomson and his \’barrel racing\’ fiance, Sheena (Murphy) Thomson. Set on the Thomson ranch southwest of Black Diamond, Alberta; the venue for the wedding ceremony itself was a lush green meadow at the base of the stunning Alberta foothills and Rocky Mountains.


All six groomsmen (brother, bull riders, bull fighter and cousins/friends of the groom) and the groom himself, Tyler, awaited the start to the wedding ceremony about a ¼ mile off to the south of the wedding site. As 2:00 pm, June 8 drew near, the seven cowboys (clad in jeans, dress coats and cowboy hats) galloped abreast across the meadow to the front of the group of friends and relatives who had gathered to help celebrate the couple’s special day. \"\" \"\" The bride’s attendants (in elegant black gowns carrying bouquets of large blue daisies) were chauffeured up the hill in a white ‘truck-style’ limousine of massive and luxurious proportions. Last to arrive, and perhaps in the most stylish conveyance of all, (a Classic ’38 Chevy driven by her Dad, ) was the bride herself. Sheena was absolutely stunning in a tiered gown with fitted bodice, hand-crafted applique and a long train. (Rather than attempt a more detailed description, I’ll let the images speak for me!) \"\" Once all parties had arrived, the ceremony commenced with Cowboy Minister, Doug Richards, officiating. The ceremony itself took place in a log gazebo, designed and built especially for the Thomson wedding by former CFR bull rider (now log furniture builder) and close friend of the groom, Quentin Lowry. The ceremony featured both traditional elements and some ‘custom” additions courtesy of the bride and groom… all in all, a sincere, heart-warming exchange of vows, and one that clearly showed the regard Tyler and Sheena have for one another. \"\" Of note as well, was both the athletic ability and nature of the ring bearer – Sheena’s little dog did the honours (with the ring tied into his neckrag)… The enthusiastic canine was held at the end of a leash until time for his ‘performance’ (no doubt so he wouldn’t wander off and lose the ring!!) by another family member, and cousin to the groom, Cody Thomson. \"\" At the close of the ceremony, Tyler and Sheena, smiling widely, adjourned to the limousine with their attendants. Their next stop… the Thomson ranch cow camp, further west, where wedding pictures were taken by the couple’s official photographer, Nicole Wade. \"\" The day was rounded out by a reception (complete with a steak dinner and dance)  in Okotoks. \"\" The majority of the images included with this blog were provided courtesy of Nicole Wade Photography. A barrel racer herself, Nicole grew up near Eckville Alberta rodeoing, hunting and working in her parents’ guiding business. Nicole became friends with Sheena at Olds College where they rodeoed together. Now married, Nicole and her husband Orrin live near Eckville with their two children. Nicole has been shooting professionally now for about two years and loves every minute of it! Find Nicole on the web at nicolewadephotography.ca \"\" \"\" For more Western weddings ideas…Check out Western Weddings Part I, Western Weddings Part IIWestern Weddings Part III, & Wedding Bliss .


4 thoughts on “A Cowboy Wedding”

  1. karen murphy

    Thank you for the wonderful writeup on Tyler & Sheena’s wedding. It was an amazing wedding.

    Karen Murphy

  2. These pictures are gorgeous, this is my exact theme for my wedding. I met my fiancee while working on a ranch…wow what a way to incorporate your lifestyle into your wedding! Now…if I could only convince him to wear the black jacket (he wants to wear wranglers, white shirt, hat, and wild rag).

  3. Angela E. White

    WOW! So very proud of Tyler. What a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful bride. I remember him as a young man about 17 years old in my Social Studies 30 class at Oilfields High School and I gave him heck the first day for riding the desks. Literally, he had perched one desk on top of the other and was sitting on top of the two as if he was riding a bull. It was the first day of class.
    I think I may have even kicked him out of class. After I gave him heck he had a little grin on his face and said ” I was just Practicing.” Well, that he was. I did enjoy his presence in my class, but ironically enough who would have thought he would become a Bull-Riding Champ. Saw him a few years back at the Pre-Rodeo show at the Ranchman’s and I told my family “He was one of my students.” And I have followed his story ever since as if he was kind of like a son to me. Many blessings to you and Sheena, Tyler, All the Best!!

    Miss A. White

  4. Glen Mansfield

    Gday Tyler and Sheena,
    Congratulations on your special day, hell of a journey from the days in 1997 hey. Proud of you and all the best in the future to you and your beautiful wife Sheena.
    Well done on a great story

    Glen and Robyn Mansfield

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