A Few Fantastic Finds

Here are four new products quickly making waves in our barn.

PooPooPaper is exactly as it’s name suggests: paper made of poo. With all the concern these days about deforestation and the need to recyle, PooPoo products are a wonderful example of sustainability and responsible consumption. The company takes a material in abundance – Horse Poo – and makes a functional and completely useful product, sparing lots of trees in the process. Since horse poo has lots of fibre in it, the base material for making pulp for paper, the company figured they could also make horse PooPooPaper and they were right. You also can find journals, cards, notepads and many other things made from panda, cow and elephant poo from the company as well for an incredibly memorable and sustainable gift!


RidersRasp is an innovative new product designed especially for horse owners to sustain and support hoof balance in between farrier visits. With an ergonomic design and a non-slip, soft grip handle, the RidersRasp is a maintenance tool that rounds rough edges of the horse’s foot, without removing hoof wall and allows you to easily smooth away flares, chips and sharp edges. It is ideal for barefoot horses or for shod horses, as losing a shoe can quickly damage the hoof wall. RidersRasp enables you lightly round the edges of the foots to minimize further damage until your farrier arrives to replace the shoe



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  1. Lauren Den Ouden

    I love this page!! Another product I would love to see here is N.A.G. Bags. They are a slow feeding hay net that is 100% Canadian. My boys love thier bale feeder and I am finding that they paid for themselves in hay savings very quickly. I just thought they would be a nice complement to the slow feed bucket. I love the rasp too. It is on my Christmas wish list.

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