A Few of My Fave Things

Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things. Things that essentially make life easier around here – or at least make me happy. With approximately a 40 + herd, it’s important to make the daily chores as efficient as possible on our ranch. And when it comes to the showing of performance horses, we find anything that shaves a few seconds off of our prep time is worth its weight in gold.


Alright, so this is a product that simply serves to make me happy. And plump. But honestly, the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with horses on it… Wouldn\’t you agree? These distinct chocolate bars are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Even if it’s your own. Featuring dark chocolate, milk chocolate with crisped rice, fudge filling, raspberry, toasted almonds or caramel, each of the chocolate bars made by Wild West are filled with love. Each type of bar also comes with a beautiful photograph of a horse on the wrapper – the pictures are so lovely, you’ll want to keep the wrapping when you’re done eating! And in addition to that, the delightful treats come monikered with such titles as “Grace Bar”, “Blessing Bar”, “Faith Bar” and “Hope Bar.” Take it from me: It’s hard to contemplate calories when you’re biting into a Spirit Bar…



This nifty little gun is one of the coolest things I’ve come across in the last year. It means no more frantic searching for safety pins at show time. Whether you have to tack on your show number to your clothing or to your saddle pad, you will never have to worry about damage to your things again. Ever had an open safety pin caught in your horse’s tail – only for your horse to whirl it around angrily like a crazed lunatic? The tail becomes a weapon.

But no more with this handy red gun! The #tack’r quickly attaches your number card with tiny plastic tack pins that are almost invisible. It literally works like magic.



These heavy duty, yet light weight and safe round bale feeders made by EnduraPlas have been a very beneficial commodity at our ranch. They are easy to move around, easy to undo, easy to clean, strong and their unique design ensures that horses of all sizes cannot get caught inside them. (Have you ever had a horse gets its head or foot caught inside a feeder? It’s not fun…)

The DRB3 (tombstone) model has easily withstood the hardships of a Saskatchewan winter and feeders come apart into 4 pieces – the pieces connect together with pins. We really like the look of these feeders and the peace of mind they provide for feeding our pasture horses.



Okay, I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this winter blanket. I thought, “We have a pretty palomino at home who is destined to wear that blanket…”

I’m not so sure my husband was as impressed.

The Cowgirl Fever winter blanket from Ozark is one of the hottest design trends on the market this fall. The fabric swatch of this brightly colored blanket features peace symbols, skulls, hearts, horses and wings and is complimented with hot pink trim. What more could you want? Made of 600 denier, it also features Steeltex Rip-Stop nylon with 300 grams of fiberfill insulation and is designed with a waterproof coating to stand up to the wind and rain of winter. When the temperature rises, the breathable fabric allows the horse to stay dry and comfortable. The blanket design enables freedom of motion and features a contoured rump with a tail flap and a soft nylon coat-polishing liner with criss-cross belly straps and hidden rear leg straps.

At least I know our palomino will always be safe from hunters <grin>



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