Adventures of a tomboy cowgirl


Hola. I’m Jenn Webster, creator of My Stable Life. Glad you stopped by!


A little about myself: I just turned 30. I don’t have any children (yet), other than the 4-legged variety. I’m a terrible cook. (Just ask my husband about a certain, infamous stew). And I’m not very skilled at keeping a house either. But I can operate a front-end loader, a MacBook, an ipod and a reiner. Sometimes, simultaneously.

I am a self-proclaimed “tomboy,” although I have been told my definition of the word is perhaps, somewhat skewed. The way I look at it is this: I love to run around without make-up and I can’t spend more than an hour or two a year in a dress. And my parents once gave me a gift certificate to a posh shoe store with a card that read, “Buy yourself something other than cowboy boots!”

Plus four years ago, one of my best friends gave me a pretty little change purse as a gift. After I said, “Thanks. It’s cute!” She had to explain to me the significance of the COACH logo it bore all over its sides. Since them, I’ve become a little more aware of Prada and Gucci and Louis Vuitton. While I admire their designs, I recognize that the cost of one of those purses could almost mean a new saddle. Or a month’s supply of hay. And after losing 3 diamonds out of my wedding rings in the riding arena, you probably won’t catch this girl sporting much for ice. Ever.


What you also have to understand about me that I come from a large extended yet immediate, family. I have 2 mothers and 2 fathers 2 brothers and 1 sister. I love them all. Of that immediate family, 1 of those members is an engineer, 1 runs her own consulting business, 1 is a scientist and 1 is a doctor. My family was understandably concerned when I told them I was going to make a career out of horses.


I am a born and raised Albertan – now living in Saskatchewan. In December, 2008, my husband, Clay (a professional reining and working cow horse trainer) and I, decided to partner up with J.Drummond Farms in Regina.

This is Clay. Spraying dust all over me…


This is our home in Regina. J. Drummond Farms in Regina, SK.


Surrounded by lush (flat) farmland and a large herd of Quarter Horses, I am certain we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. My days consist of the riding and husbandry of our now, +45-head herd: everything from managing the vaccine and deworming schedule, to halter breaking babies, to seeding pasture, to overseeing our breeding goals, to maintaining the paperwork that goes along with 45 horses. Clay and I travel a lot, hitting national and international reining and working cow horse shows. Within these travels, I am very fortunate to be able to meet some great professionals of the industry and have candid conversations about everything from breeding, to market trends, to training techniques and horse care programs. And throughout it all I’m honing my non-pro skills: yes, apparently more honing needs to be done.

Sometimes, I need a Red Bull (often a good chaser for my morning coffee), to get through the day. Other cons include those days when it’s difficult to work alongside your spouse. And moving from Horse Central Alberta, to the quieter horse industry in Regina, Saskatchewan, has also presented many challenges. Thankfully, we have met some great people and have some great supporting staff in our ranks. Danielle LaForge, Clay\’s assistant trainer has been my life-saver on many occasions.


I hope you enjoy, My Stable Life. On this blog I’ll share my insight of the showing environment, talk about health issues we encounter in our horses and how we deal with them, provide barn tips and share with you the drama of our daily adventures.

See ya in the stable!

– Jenn


11 thoughts on “Adventures of a tomboy cowgirl”

  1. Melissa Knight

    Hi Jenn,

    It’s so nice to see a blog written from the view of a “Tomboy Cowgirl” like myself! I can’t wait to read more about your adventures 🙂

    Mel from Nanton, AB

  2. Just stopped by your blog for the first time and I’m so happy I found it! I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you and seeing the world of Horse’s through the eyes of a truly unique snd wonderful person. Keep up the posts!! I’ll be waiting anxiously for the next one!

  3. Congratulations on a great start to your new blog, Jenn! What a great way for your friends to keep track of you and Clay. Looking forward to hearing about your days — at home with the foals, and on the road as show season approaches.

  4. Hi Jenn
    Congratulations on the new blog. It will be great to hear what you and Clay and all your horses are doing. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Hi Jenn!

    Good job on the blog and, of course, good writing. Tomboy? I wouldn’t havve thought so but, as you said, your definition might be a little different. In that case, I am a tomboy too and I didn’t think I was. Anyway, it sounds somewhat similar to the roads I have travelled and I survived – thrived, actually! Good luck with the blog. I will check back from time to time.

  6. Vanessa Noble

    Hey there Jenn! Loved reading your blog and watching the video. Well done and I am looking forward to the next ones!! Good luck to you and Clay!!

  7. Hi Jen and Clay
    Love this and especially the picture of you and Clay in the video. I look forward to reading your blog.

  8. Andrew Dixon

    Hi Jenn,
    I envy you, Working with the horses and on a beautiful farm.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Question J. Drummond.
    Are thay any relation to Wesley Drummond Huston.
    (Rocking H)
    ve7anw@live,ca (Andrew)

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