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Hey barrel racers (and all those interested in the sport)… Western Horse Review has another great contest opportunity…. this time around, geared to the barrel racing crowd. Read on to learn how you could be walking around in a new pair of Lawman\’s PETROL Jeans by the end of August! (After all, you can never have too many pairs of jeans… particularly a pair of the latest, \’high stylin\’ variety!!) And we have three pairs to give away.

Here\’s how you enter up. If you could pick your all time favourite barrel racer to go out to dinner with, who would it be and why? Please use the Comment section below to provide your answer.


You have until August 13 to enter this contest…
We’ll randomly choose three winners and the lucky recipients will be walking around sporting new jeans.


40 thoughts on “All Dressed Up For Dinner”

  1. It would have to be Lindsay Sears. Through her health issues the past year or so, she’s still competes and shows shear determination which I admire.

  2. Dee Butterfield. She is a very consistent trainer. My mom says she’d love to buy a horse from her.

  3. Okay, I know I can’t enter the contest, but I’d love to sit down with Charmayne James sometime, talk about her career, her decision to clone Scamper and discover her thoughts on that entire process.

  4. Francis Church, I love her stamina, I only hope that I can be riding & competing when I am her age. I bet she’s seen some changes over the years, in the barrel patch, bloodlines & equipment!

  5. I would love to sit down with Sherry Cervi. I would like to know about how she picks horses, ground work and trains. I would also like to know what she truly learned from Clinton and has that relationship continued to be a successful meld of training styles. What advice she has to offer in terms of achieving longevity. I would also like to know about her feeding program. I have seen some great results with herbs and would love to hear her great stories.

  6. Brittanny Pozzi (that would be amazing!)- she seems like a very nice person 🙂 Im new to barrel racing and am unable to compete so only ride for the fun of it but im sure I could learn a lot from her experience. What an awesome rider!

  7. Pat Barriage

    It would have to be Deb Renger. She seems like such a wall flower (quiet/shy) and has been around so long and yet I don’t know much about her at all. What’s the story on her hat?

  8. My daughter, Steph, races in our local club and she would like to talk to Deb Renger. She bought a foal from a member of our club and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. We did see Deb once at a gas station and she took the time to talk to my girls a bit and to give them a signed poster. She seems quiet but she sure knows barrel racing and Steph would love to learn something from her!

  9. Randal Eckert

    My mom, Marina Eckert she’s not pro, but she’s still my barrel racing hero!

  10. Tenny Keating

    I agree, Deb Renger. There isn’t much info out there on her. Not sure if she keeps her life private on purpose or why you don’t hear much about her. She obviously is a great Canadian barrel racer like a few others in Canada that are always in the news.

  11. I’d love to meet Charmayne James and talk about barrel racing, what she looks for in a prospect, bloodlines and training.

  12. Sabrina Ketcham….I admire her for juggling barrel racing, her family (2small kids),her parents ranch, and her ups and downs w/ her horses this year. No matter what tries to set her back she keeps on going and with a smile. She is an amazing rider, trainer, and person. I would like to meet her and talk to her about her adventures (how she takes 2 small kids on the road) and her techniques on barrel racing.

  13. I would like to meet Savannah Reeves. She is an amazing rider, and a winner, for sure.

  14. It would be a true experience and learning, to meet with any female barrel racer, who is within the top 15 (either CPRA or PRCA). All of these ladies are amazing riders, trainers and/or competitors; I’m sure my ears would be wide open if able to meet with one!!

  15. Joyce Kernek… many years of experience there to learn from… about life, relationships, horses, and barrel racing. 🙂

  16. Tammy Fisher. She has incredible determination and faith. She seems to me to be someone who strives to look for the positive in the bleakest of times and that’s exactly the kind of person this world needs more of. She makes me believe in miracles!

  17. Gloria Kadlec

    I would love to meet up with either Charmayne James or Deb Renger. Both have been in the barrel racing industry for a long time and would have lots of insight and knowledge on the sport and they both seem like real nice ladies.

  18. Sue Smith – she is an awesome trainer and rider, down to earth, positive, very private, horses are well broke, willing to assist others with their horses to help them get ahead and etc. I’d like to meet any top barrel racer as it would be an honor and gain knowledge.

  19. I would have to say just about any of the top 15 at any point. I like to hear how they keep their horses running their best day after day mile after mile. Rodeo is a hard sport for horse and rider and anything you can learn in this sport will help you down the road.

  20. Any of the top riders would be fun. I would like to know how they choose a prospect and how long it takes them to decide if they will work out or not.

  21. I would be honored and thrilled to visit with any of the barrel racin’ ladies. There are so many greats that provide us with inspiration and grit. More than having dinner, I would love to go riding while we visited about horses and the sport.

  22. kerry bunch

    At age 17, I had the honor to meet and race against Charmayne James,(it must have been my lucky year, because I ran a faster time than she) and being at the age of 46 now, I would love to have an afternoon/evening to sit have lunch and talk about that barrel race. What an honor it was, even to this day I love to tell my stories of my barrel days to my 8yr. old daughter. Can’t wait for the day that I can get her, her first barrel horse.

  23. amy musgrove

    i would have to pick Deb Renger, i have the Molly Powell and Charmayne James books , but deb has had many sucsess and yet she is still the quiet laydback woman i inspire to be . i love to compete against my self and improve on every run. my horse is my partner my friend and companion i feel barrelracing is more the success of trust faith and a good partnership.

  24. I’d love to chat with Kassie Mowry. She wins on so many different young horses every year, and is obviously an outstanding trainer. I’d like to know how she picks prospects, and I have so many training questions I would ask!

  25. Ca Saundra Phillips

    I would have to say my barrel coach Janet Patriquin as she is my mentor and has an amazing look on life. She has taught me so much.

  26. Morgan Phillips

    Just like my sister it would have to be our coach- she has made me the barrel racer that I am today. She is amazing

  27. Either Sherri Cervi or Charmayne James, I have looked up to these ladies since I was little and admire their riding and training style. They always ride great horses!

  28. I would love the chance to have dinner with Sue Smith… She is a lifelong horsewoman who is just now experiencing the big time success, it would be amazing to know more about her journey!

  29. Abby Macneish

    I would love to sit down with Sue Smith and talk about her program and tack & bit design. I’m curious from all the pro girls what differs in their preferences when choosing a prospect.

  30. Ideally, a dinner with 12 of them would be great for they would all have some wonderful tales to tell and tips to give. But if I have to pick I will ride with Lindsay Sears. Anyone who continues to strive for excellence despite the circumstances shows forth the true Western spirit and is a credit to the sport. May God bless her and all the gals greatly!

  31. I would like to have lunch with Sue Smith anytime any place. She is one of the very best in the barrel racing world.

  32. Dee Butterfield, has been a hero of mine since I was a little girl. Dee is an amazing women, and a incredibal trainer.

  33. Jodie Hines

    I would like to meet Kristin Weaver Brown – she was the first woman to win the Big Four Award, and has also been successful in cutting, reining and working cowhorse. She is obviousy a great horsewoman to be able to be competitive in all events as well as having a competitive mental edge. I’m sure she has some great rituals and tips to pass on to other competitors.

  34. I would like to have dinner and chat with Charmayne James. If you read her monthly articles in the BHN, it’s not hard to figure out why she has been incredibly successful in her career.

  35. There are so many amazing ladies to choose from!! But Lisa Lockheart really stands out to me she trains her own horses and wins on many different ones in any situation. She also seems very down to earth. I can’t imagine being a mother of 3 and making not only the CFR but the NFR too!

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