Clay and I and the J. Drummond Farms horses are all back home from the SRHA Stakes & Futurity show in Moose Jaw and what an awesome reining it was! And I gotta say, I really like the trip home back from this show… Not trying to brag, but a 40-minute drive is very refreshing after years of traveling several hours in the past, to get back to Calgary. Having said that, I hope all our fellow friends and competitors who came from far and wide made it back safely!!

I hope y\’all don\’t mind but I\’ll be taking a break from My Stable Life this week as Clay and I are off for a bit of a vacation in Maui. It\’ll only be 7 days and then I promise, I\’ll be back at it with some results and highlights from the Moose Jaw show. Plus much more fun, informative stuff here on the blog.

Clay doesn\’t typically vacation well… He gets so wired on around the 3rd day away from his horses that he actually contemplates changing our flights and coming home early. Or setting up a clinic at the vacation sight. So keep your fingers crossed for me – I\’m really hoping for 7 days filled with nothing but sunny beaches, pineapple treats and palm tree breezes.

See ya next week!


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