An Attack on 4-H

\"\"It\’s no secret I\’m a fan of 4-H organization. This year I became a leader in our 4-H equine club, and it\’s been one of the most fulfilling decisions I\’ve made in my life. It\’s a bit of work, but we have a great group of parents who all pitch in, and wonderful bunch of kids.

\"\"As any 4-H parent knows, one of the pleasures of being involved in the organization is watching our collective kids grow. It really does take a village. I\’m sure even Wee will one day grow into this hat. (smile)

\"\"I snapped this shot at one or another of the 4-H on Parade events, hosted by the Calgary Stampede we\’ve attended over the years. It remains one of the highlights of 4-H involvement for our family, as the kids get to hang out with their friends from other livestock clubs, and take part in activities which encourage leadership and creativity, such as stall judging and decorating.

\"\"This pledge is repeated by members of all 4-H clubs throughout North America at every meeting and event. I like it. It\’s old fashioned – a few simple thoughts with a deep message.

\"\"I want to show you PETA\’s take on the 4-H pledge, for it appears the group has decided to target the 4-H youth organization. This photo is taken from the Colorado CattleWomen\’s Facebook page, It was snapped at the Colorado State Fair, where PETA had a booth.

In other news, only a few days ago in Kansas, a federal judge upheld the right of the Kansas State Fair to shield visitors from an anti-processing video PETA had stationed front and center at a booth they had at that fair. It seems PETA wanted to show a graphic video and photos facing out to the walk-by traffic, and organizers simply asked them to restrict the viewing of these images to inside their booth. They didn\’t even suggest they remove them.

PETA did what PETA does best – it filed a lawsuit.

The Huffington Post reported the federal judge, “determined the fair is a \’limited public forum,\’ because exhibitors have to apply for a booth and pay a fee — unlike a public square, for example, where anybody has the right to protest or speak,” and upheld the Kansas State Fair\’s right to shield people walking by from easily seeing images which were extreme and graphic.

It\’s not about censorship, it\’s about appropriateness.

Truthfully, our Western Horse Review booth has been disallowed from displaying certain contents now and again at certain tradefair venues, not due to inflammatory or sensational intent, but rather, for they infringed one or another of the event\’s trade fair rules. I would suggest it\’s not at all unusual for a trade fair manager to show up at a booth, and announce, \”you can\’t do this.\”

PETA, of course, is playing the freedom of speech and First Amendment rights card, both unsurprising and unoriginal.

I wonder, given the precedent PETA has set in the above two cases: an inflammatory and direct attack on a respected youth organization of the rural lifestyle; and secondly, legal action in attempt to force their issue . . . how many other fairs and rural events will consider allowing PETA into their trade shows?



12 thoughts on “An Attack on 4-H”

  1. I find this utterly ridiculous. You show me a kid that participated in 4H and I’ll show you a good kid that has not fallen to the pressures of teenage life in America. In my life, I have not met a bad kid that is part of 4H. This gives them morals and integrity that is not taught anywhere else anymore.

    I am all for the humane treatment of animals, they are my first love, but PETA and HSUS take it way too far. As far as livestock, that is what they are…livestock. They are not dogs, cats or humans. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my horses. But they are livestock, they eat grass and they prefer living outside to a barn. Give one the option to live inside or outside and see what happens. 9 times out of 10 they will choose outside. The only thing they really need is something to block the cold wind in the Winter. Mine have the option to be inside or out.

    So many organization these days are getting on the “humane” band wagon, thinking that they are helping and have no clue what they are “really” supporting. These people have no clue about horses or livestock but yet want to put human emotions on them.

    Do your homework before you donate your hard earned money. I think if you do some research you will find that they are not what they seem.

    I still can’t believe they have targeted 4H. This makes me really mad!

  2. It appears they have infringed upon 4-H’s intellectual material by using their logo. Maybe they need to look at a cease and desist order to PeTA. Unfortunately, PeTA has money that 4-H doesn’t being a volunteer organization. Just no acceptable.

  3. 4-h should take Peta to court for the misuse of their symbol/logo…I am sure that Peta did not ask the 4-h commission to use their logo!

  4. Been working with horses on a professional level since the age of 16, thats 50 years,you do the math. Have seen horses kept like “hot house flowers”, that seem to always have “problems” or at least “issues”, took care of “Multi Million Dollars Horses in Kentucky, that were given every possible moment outside in a 20 acre field or at least a 5 acre paddock. (Kentucky, Hardboot Style)…..the latter were the healthier horses. They take cold much better than they can take heat.

  5. PETA should be shut down. According to their own stats, over 90% of animals in PETA’s care are euthanized! Why? Because they spend all their efforts courting so-called stars (read Pamela Anderson) and promoting their half baked crock of crap! All the money that is donated to PETA in a year and they cannot even take care of and re-home the animals they so desparately want to “save”. The majority of donations to PETA are spent on advertising for more donations! Come on people! Wake up and smell the coffee! PETA is not sabout saving animals, it is about raising money to line their own pockets!

  6. Jane Cryderman

    Peta has always had power as a goal rather than the actualy welfare of the animals they claim to represent.
    By attacking the venerated and wholesome 4-H institution, an orginization that actually does contribute to the real welfare of animals by teaching young people to care for and handle animals properly .. PETA has unmasked to reveal themselves as the petty and ignorant posers they are. Perhaps more people will hesitae to endorse this orginaization now.

  7. This makes me so mad, my comments would have to be sensored. I wish these people would get lost already. The general public needs a wake up call about what the word livestock means and where there food actually comes from.

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