Are You Ready?


Are you ready for Christmas?

It\’s the question we all keep asking each other these days. And the truth is, I\’m so far behind the Noel 8-ball, I think I\’m first.

But whenever someone asks me if I\’m ready for the upcoming December 25, I smile and nod, \”Uh huh.\”

This year, our families put themselves in my shoes and requested that we not do our typical gift exchanges this Christmas. I could\’ve jumped for joy when they suggested it! I mean,  as much as the thought of forcing myself into a mall – dragging my twins along with me – to purchase gifts for some 30 people sounds like fun, this year I\’m definitely up for a pass on the gift buying.


Instead, on both sides of the family, it was suggested that any monies intended to be used for gift buying be put towards charities or causes that are dear to our hearts. The idea saves us from venturing into the Christmas chaos of the malls right now and also helps us put a firm budget on our pocketbooks. Plus, as a result of donating to the charities, we get to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

For all three reasons, I love the idea.

Of course in regards to my sister, it\’s really important that we donate to her puppy rescue foundations. (If you\’d like more information about these societies, check out A Noble Cause)

And on the Webster side of the family, we have all decided to contribute to the No Crib For a Bed Program this year. This concept recognizes that many human babies born to families in Calgary, AB, go without cribs to sleep in. Consequently, these are babies whose parents must improvise makeshift cribs out of dresser drawers and laundry baskets.

To meet this overwhelming need, the No Crib For A Bed program asks local churches, businesses and other groups to run drives and collect cribs filled with items that babies would need. This includes a mattress and bumper pads, sheets, blankets, formula, diapers, wipes, toiletries and more. The cribs and items collected help infants-in-need and gives their mothers an opportunity not to stress about where some of life\’s basic necessities will come from over the holiday season.


Meanwhile, back at the Twin Corazones Ranch, we are doing our very best get ready for Christmas. So far, we have a Christmas tree. With lights.


It doesn\’t have any decorations yet. But I\’m working on it…

I may have to call my mother…

Take care this holiday season! And Merry wishes to you all!

– Jenn


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  1. Robert & Sonja Teece

    Hello from Montana. Merry Christmas. We really like the REAL Gifting to charities. Great idea!

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