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\"\"I like to think we have plenty of cowboy and country style back home, but when we\’re here in Arizona I really look forward to a day or two of southwest shopping. One of our favorite places is only a few minutes away in the quaint western town of Cave Creek, where, over the past three years, I\’ve come to be drawn to a few favorite places. Such as Valerie\’s Furniture where an eclectic selection of cowboy culture to western chic can be found.

\"\"You\’ll find a strong influence of a southern style essential – the cross – in this store.

\"\"Whether in jewellery or ornaments, crosses and turquoise just work together, don\’t they?

\"\"Mexicana Rose is one of the newest shops on Cave Creek Road, and with weekly containers arriving from their factory location in Mexico, we\’re now able to appreciate and see some of the best of Mexico style in this store.

\"\"Artwork, pottery, lamps and furniture, such as this reclaimed wood sideboard I fell in love with on our last trip, are staples of this store,which now sprawls over two buildings.

\"\"As, are accessories with Mexican detail. . . .

\"\". . . and iron work and tapestries.


Mexican culture often expresses it\’s artistry in religious elements. Among my latest obsession – the folk-art like retablos. These are small oil paintings or sculptures on tin, wood, or copper – traditionally displayed on home alters to express devotion to (often) Catholic saints. Nowadays, they are considered collectable pieces of art. I found this one at one of our favorite consignment store stops in Cave Creek – the Lazy Lizard. A wonderful store, filled with cowboy culture, Mexican and western style pieces and charming purveyors. Not to mention – great deals!

\"\"A few other favorites – pretty ceramic bird found at Valeries.

\"\"This blue chair, modern sleekness with western undertones in the stitching and leather, found at the recently expanded True West Design, now occupying a gorgeous building on Cave Creek Road.

\"\"And conveniently located across the street from the Dairy Queen, Wee would add. When she\’s not devouring strawberry-marshmallow sundaes and a large order of fries, I can sometimes cajole her into modelling for me (mostly out of boredom, on her part).

This rather interesting armchair that Wee is settin\’ upon would make most of my female friends recoil in horror, but I can think of a guy or two who just might treasure it. I would suggest it is very likely one of a kind and for a limited time, or perhaps even a very long time (smile), you can find it at the Red Truck Trading Company.

\"\"While still incorporating two man-cave essentials – hide and horn – I sense this bench might enjoy better odds of getting the nod from the opposite gender.

\"\"And what would a man-cave be without a guitar or two in the shadows?

\"\"We found these beautiful Spanish-style bottles at Valerie\’s.

\"\"Vintage cowgirl graphics and motifs are resplendent in many items, such as this pillow. . .

\"\". . . or, this Andy-Warhol inspired lampshade, paired with an industrial-type base.

\"\"Cowgirl humor, particularly when it pokes a bit of fun at the opposite gender, appears to be universally in style.

\"\"What about this western-inspired trash can, found at Big Bronco, a western store popular with tourists.

\"\"Or, this Navajo-patterned table runner and pot.

\"\"And, finally, I loved these bowls which embody the classic southwestern colors of turquoise, red and earthy browns.

So, I\’m curious. What piece pictured in this post tweaked your fancy most? Let me know in the comment section below. Later this week, I\’m pulling out two names from all of the comments, and sending each of them a Horse Savvy Annual Planner. These planners are one of the most useful equine record books you\’ll ever handle, so be sure to have a chance to win one with your comment!


29 thoughts on “Southwest Style”

  1. Navajo table runner and pot … & the other pottery… well honestly I love it all, haha!

  2. The reclaimed sideboard is absolutely beautiful!! I even have a spot picked out for it.

  3. Tanja MacIsaac

    So much beautiful stuff. I love, love all the vintage cowgirl products and the blue leather chair and all the crosses. So many desirable things that I couldn’t pick just one. 🙂

  4. the little green ceremic, chirping bird…I just LOVE stuff like that and this one reminds me of the old bird pie cooler from back in the day, although this one seems bigger and of better quality. I also love yelloware and although the sweet little bird is ‘green’, it has a lot of yelloware characteristics…very pretty.

  5. OMG…. absolutely love the antler chair. Not too keen on the bull horns but antlers… I am just drawn to furniture and chandiliers made from antlers. I would love to have two of those in my home. GORGEOUS.

  6. I have been to Cave Creek several times over the last several years. I drool over everything, but mostly leave with very little since I fly down and my suitcase only fits so much. When I win the lottery I’ll take a trailer load home. LOL I love the old cowgirl pinups and the turquoise, brown and red bowls. Everything has so much character! Can’t wait to visit again in March.

  7. I love the blue leather chair and the pottery bowls. Blue is my favourite colour, and to find a chair that reflects the summer sky of early morning is a real find. I can see myself relaxing in it, watching the sun rise over am aromatic cup of coffee before heading out to do barn chores. The pottery bowls are stunning – I love the warm, earthy colours.

  8. Janet Curtis

    Oooooohhhh that blue chair is lovely. I know just the spot for that beauty.

  9. Katie Andrews

    the hide and horns bench is just amazing. I would love one in my home.

  10. I really like the headboard in the very first photo….along with just about everything else, of course…..I’m off to Arizona this coming week and you can bet your boots, I’ll be checking these places out in person! Thanks for such timely info….

  11. Rosalie Warrington

    Good timing, thanks. We head down on Feb. 14. Will definitely be checking out some of these stores.

  12. Love Cave Creek. Will be there in 10 days! Can’t wait to check out your new finds.

  13. I found my design eye drawn to the accent pillows that were in a few of the pictures. The red and black one on the first picture on the bed is awesome, the cross pillows in the second picture on the settee are beautiful, I would love to see a better picture of the one on the bench in picture 12, and picture 15 takes the cake with the vintage cowgirl and her horse…i simply must have this for my own ranch themed living room! Awesome post!

  14. Well, I think I have just about done my Christmas shopping now. Thanks for all the gorgeous ideas!

  15. Lorrie Ashley

    I love the iron work & tapestries picture. Those pieces I would take home in a heart beat!!

  16. Horsecrazy Annie

    The vintage cowgirl pillows caught my eye first. I also really liked the bench, tapestries and earthy pottery bowls.

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