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John Mincer

Mincer Silversmiths
Fallon, Nevada

John Mincer prides himself on his craft. But beyond that lies a deep-rooted respect for that which is sourced, made and appreciated at home.

John Mincer was born and raised in Nevada’s Great Basin and is a third generation rancher. From early in his childhood he was schooled in the traditional cowboy tools that he now designs and manufactures, and he had the opportunity to learn from some of the best. Mincer cut his teeth engraving silver at a cow camp on the Stillwater Range in Nevada. He credits Chet Smith for providing he foundation that sent him on the path to forging a career in silversmithing and engraving.


With a long list of mentors to credit, including Dan Price and Hugh Weaver, it wasn’t until he met master engraver Franz Markit that he finally fell into his own unique style, that of unmistakable distinct depth and shadowing. He learned that the craft that he had been raised with could be transformed into nothing short of an art and to add a well-defined polish to his own work.


Today, Mincer Silversmiths is dedicated to providing unique, high quality, handmade products for collectors, working cowboys and leather crafters across the globe. They strive to design and manufacture items that fit the needs of every individual, first and foremost being usable for everyday working conditions while at the same time being of heirloom quality. Something that they pride themselves on, every piece is produced and hand finished on the Mincer ranch, in the heart of the U.S.A.

~ Dainya Sapergia

Mincer Silversmiths


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