As the World Show Turns

Life has been interesting for the last little while. We\’ve already had more than 10 cms of snow here in Regina. Therefore, I had to dig out my toque and heavy winter boots and I\’ve had to learn how to drive all over again <smile>.


And I seem to have an odd fascination for winter – it is so beautiful! I\’ve missed it! Not sure I\’ll feel the same when it\’s -40, but let\’s just stick with happy thoughts for now.


As many of you may know, Clay has two horses qualified for the AQHA World Championship Show in Oklahoma City, OK. As such, he has been down in Oklahoma to prepare for his reining and working cow horse runs since early last week. I opted to stay home and hold down the fort while my husband reaches for world contention – as I\’m not really feeling up to long road trips these days anyways. Luckily, one of Clay\’s buddies agreed to go with him and take turns at the steering while, plus give my hubby a hand at the show. (Thank-you Taylore! You rock!!)

And since Clay and Taylore left, I\’ve been receiving such text messages as:

\”Hi Hon, it\’s +15 degrees here.\”


\”Hi Hon, we\’re at a football game tonight. But it\’s kind of cold. Not sure if we\’re gonna stay…\”

(Oh darlin\’, I can\’t wait \’till you see what\’s waiting for you at home!)

And then there was the ultimate text:

\”Hi Hon, Taylore & I are at a basketball game tonight. And we made it on the Super Jumbo tron twice!!\”

To which I replied:

\”How come? Was it for the Kiss Cam?\”

To which, Clay immediately responded:

\”Umm, NO. It was for the Super Duper Man Cam.\”

I just left it at that. As a wife, I know when to leave well enough alone. <grin> But regardless, I hope my husband and Taylore are having a good time in Oklahoma. And I want to thank all the lovely people looking after me here in Regina. (David, Perla, John and Naomi – you guys rock!! Not sure what I\’d do without you guys making the nightly craving-trips-to-town for me!)


Plus, it\’s been pretty awesome to be able to flip my computer on and watch the World Show runs from the comfort of my living room.


Clay rides tomorrow in the Senior Reining on Whiz N Starlight and I\’m so excited, I can barely contain myself. But for now, I\’d like to extend a big congratulations to my friend, Karen Stallings for winning her third AQHA World Amateur Working Cow Horse Championship in a row! Riding NMSU Truckin Chex (also known as \”Elvis,\” Karen marked a 214.5 in the rein work and a 225 in the cow work for an aggregate score of 439.5. This is what the mantle looks like at Karen and her husband, Kevin\’s house:


I\’m not sure there\’s much more room for another trophy, but congratulations Karen on another fantastic win!


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