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Well, I\’m happy to report – we survived our first road trip with babies this past weekend! With Clay showing at the Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association event July 2-3, we decided to pack the twins up and head out to their very first horse show. Up to this point, our outings have been limited to trips into the city of Regina, to either the doctor or hospital. But it was time for me to start getting back into the swing of my old life again (meaning, it was time to get out of the house and back on the highway).

As a paranoid new mother, it was definitely an adventure! Thank goodness I had my own mother to help us along…


As you can probably imagine, an outing of this magnitude requires a lot of \”stuff.\” With one vehicle hitched to the trailer, eight horses in tow, and a second vehicle for babies and baby paraphernalia, we hit the road last Thursday. Clay and 8 horses made it there in good time. We, on the other hand, did not. For a trip that\’s supposed to take 8 hours – let\’s just say the babies and I finally made it to Claresholm, AB, the following day. I have no idea of the number of actual \”hours\” it took us to actually get there.

Packing for our first road trip together was another interesting tangent of this trip: I have never piled bouncy seats into the horse trailer before. (You see, it didn\’t take long for us to fill up the truck we were driving in, so after a certain point I had to start putting things in Clay\’s rig.)


The twins got to see a lot of countryside during this trip, considering they needed to feed every 4 hours and have their diapers changed every hour – or sometimes every 20 minutes.  And I\’m sure they were glad to be rid of their car seats when we finally reached the Claresholm Agriplex.

All in all, it was great to get out and see the wonderful folks of the ARCHA. Both babes also got to go on their first horseback ride during this trip:


The trip took another two days for us for get home and as such, the babies and I missed out on seeing the Cavalia horses that stabled at our home location, J. Drummond Farms on their way through to Florida. But luckily, our barn manager took lots of pictures for me! The next time My Stable Life is back, I\’ll share all the details!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Hi Jen ..
    Thanks for sharing your story. Pictures above are fabulous. Clay looks so proud… Need you in more pictures as I learned and looked back at my own kids and pictures….I am not in many and regret it!

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