Barrel Racing and Sunshine!

\"\"\”I\’m so happy… the sun is shining!\” Stettler barrel racer, Melissa Thiessen spoke for many of us this past weekend. It was a unique and amazing experience to enjoy some spring sunshine… at least for a day or two. And it made for an enjoyable weekend of rodeo… particularly for those barrel racers who made money at one of the events scattered across the prairies.

Barrel racers had high praise for the Marwayne, AB committee who had excellent ground at the 56th Annual Lea Park Pro Rodeo. I caught up with Kareen Warren by phone Friday night as she was heading home to North Battleford to start spraying crops at the family farm the next morning. Kareen enjoyed two placings this past weekend (third at Lea Park and sixth at Brooks). Ramona Nash (Drayton Valley, AB) took top spot at the northeastern/Lea Park venue with a 16.13 second run while Texas cowgirl Benette Barrington won second.

The Brooks Pro Rodeo saw a new physical site for the rodeo this year… which also meant new ground. Four barrel racers shared top spot with 18.26 second runs: Judy Hyde (Prince George, BC), Suzanne Depaoli (Longview, AB), Benette Barrington and Danna Whitford (Montana). Laci Suitor (Duchess, AB) picked up fifth spot.

Rocky Mountain House Rodeo enjoyed drier conditions as the weekend progressed. Here as well, the committee worked long and hard to prepare not only the rodeo infield, but also the track for the pony chuckwagon racers. In the barrel racing, Haley Keenan took top honours with a 16.92 second run. Kalynn Maddox was right behind (16.92) with Britany Fleck in third spot.


Unofficial Results Overview

Canadian Pro Rodeos
56th Annual Lea Park Rodeo
1 Ramona Nash – 16.13 $2347
2 Benette Barrington – 16.30 $1995
3 Kareen Warren – 16.35 $1643
4/5 Adel Hansen/Deb Renger – 16.40 $1291

Brooks Pro Rodeo
1-4 Judy Hyde 18.26 $1292
1-4 Suzanne DePaoli 18.26 $1292
1-4 Benette Barrington 18.26 $1292
1-4 Danna Whitford 18.26 $1292
5 Laci Suitor 18.28 $771

Rocky Mountain House Rodeo
1 Haley Keenan – 16.92 $1568
2 Kalynn Maddox 16.93 $1344
3 Britany Fleck 17.09 $1120
4 Brooke Ramsay 17.14 $971
5 Deb Renger 17.15 $747

Warman Rodeo
1 Jacqueline Stojan 13.40 $799.85
2 Melissa Thiessen 13.41 $695.52
3 Kellly Byrne 13.45 $591.19

Warman Juniors
Laura Knittig 14.04

Eston Rodeo
1 Stephanie Mather 14.06 $964.90
2 Jacqueline Stojan 14.10 $839.04
3 Lynette Brodaway 14.14 $713.18

Eston Juniors
Renie Schnitzler 14.37

Sandhills/Lancer Rodeo
Jodie Griffin 16.68 $876
Janet-Lynn Moen 16.70 $761
Connie Boldt 16.72 $647

Alberta High School Finals (Ponoka, AB)
Barrel Racing

1 Honora Jackson-Roe 177 pts
2 Tara Wilkinson 163 pts
3 Kerilee Noval 144 pt


Rana (Walter) Koopmans

Lynette Brodaway

Laci Suitor

Corleen LeClercq

Kip Newborn
Corleen LeClercq
Carolyn Knapp

Hailee Williams

Laura James


With one of Canada’s biggest pro rodeos upcoming, the 50th Annual Daines Ranch Rodeo June 16-20 in Innisfail, Alberta (125 plus barrel racers entered includng card and permit holders), the season is heating up. More U.S. competitors head north this time of year, in an effort to win enough money to start on a bid for a Canadian Finals berth.

The CCA is in Radville, & Rockglen, SK June 19-20 and Milveton, ON

LRA barrel racers compete at Killam and Gooseberry Lake, AB (Gooseberry Lake is also FCA/WRA approved)

Chinook Assoc – Coutts and Foremost, AB rodeos

BCRA – Ashcroft, BC Stampede

MRCA – weekend off

ONT Rodeo Assoc – Upper Canada Rodeo, Chesterville, ON


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  1. Sunshine–a lovely concept! I was really happy for the Rocky Mountain House committee who have battled–and overcome–a grandstand fire (they rebuilt it in 60 days), as well as knee deep mud and icy cold temperatures for the last few years (snow lazy year-ouch). Great to see people enjoying the sunshine and, as the weekend went on, pretty decent arena conditions.

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