Saddle Series for B.C. Reiners

Early in 2010, the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Reining Association discussed and eventually executed a plan to support reining in British Columbia.

The association has sponsored two Saddle Series for foals of 2007.

Scores for every horse/rider combination in the Three-year-old Open and Non Pro Futurities at Reinin\’ In The Sun (Armstrong, BC) and Prince George Reining Horse Association Fall Slide (Prince George, BC) in 2010 and Open and Non-Pro Derby classes from the same shows in 2011 (four shows total) will be tabulated. After the final show, a Duane Latimer reining saddle will be awarded to the Open and Non-Pro horse/rider combinations with the highest total scores.


The Futurity classes have already been run and scores for all horse/rider combinations have been tabulated.  In accordance with the award series requirements, the Futurities were National Reining Horse Association approved and scores totaled from classes in Armstrong and Prince George this year resulted in the following standings (top six only):

Open Standings Rider Owner Score
1) Smokin Sana Lena Kyle Weston Kyle Weston 284.5
2) Walking With Wolves Sharon Gates Sharon Gates 270.5
3) Tricken Little Niki Loreth Niki Loreth 270.0
4) Heres Stetson Nicole Klassen Nicole Klassen 265.5
5) This Kidsa Whiz DW Morrison DW/Pam Morrison 264.9
6) MQH Carry My Chekers Pam Morrison DW/Pam Morrison 258.5
Non Pro Standing Rider Owner Score
1) KE Dolls Union Chex Leah Luprypa Leah Luprypa 269.0
2) Chics Best Light Myrna Theissen Myrna Theissen 264.0
3) Super Whiztazitic Jim S. McGhee Jim S. McGhee 140.0
4) Ima Magnum 44 Paige Olsen George Lauder 137.5
5) Whisper N Shyann Raye Fleck Raye Felck 130.5
6) Centerfield Star M. Williamson M. Williamson 125.0


British Columbia Reining Association\’s goals for the Futurity/Derby Saddle Series are three-fold:

– to encourage participation in aged reining events in BC,

– to reward consistent reining runs; and,

– to promote longevity in reining horses.

To that end, the association looks forward to seeing these horses and riders back in Derby classes in 2011.


Thank you to The Mill Store in Okotoks, Alberta, for their support and assistance and the donation of a saddle bag for each of the trophy saddles.

The next class in the Futurity/Derby Saddle Series will be the NRHA approved Derbies at PGRHA Ride N Slide in Prince George, BC in June 2011.  The NRHA approved Derbies at Reinin\’ In The Sun in Armstrong, BC in August 2011, the final classes, will determine the winners of the saddles.


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