Behind the Scenes

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography. The Bainbridge Wool Jacket from Pendleton Canada; black skort from Boa-Kae Ranch; Onyx Bracelet with stainless Steele tassel, Long Tourlamated Quartz necklace, with onyx, quartz , crystal, and hematite, Vintage Phoenix pendant necklace with onyx, black stone and obsidian,
all by RKR Jewelry.


The Western Horse Review fall fashion shoot didn\’t go as planned. Originally centered around a specific location, the Sept/Oct. photojournalism piece was forced in a new direction when Mother Nature rained us out. Which in turn, forced us to move the shoot location.

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography. Double D buckskin jacket from Classic Rodeo Boutique.

There was however, a beautiful consolation in moving the shoot to one of our regular sites. The surrounding fields of wheat at the time were stunning. And blessed with three beautiful models (Tara McKenze – above, Sara Bernier and Paige Wilson), it became clear that our team can pull off a shoot under nearly any circumstance.

Wild rag by Brown Creek Wild Rags. Bracelets and necklace by RKR Jewelry.

Plus, we had kittens.

We also had a convertible to showcase our \”business cowgirls.\” Which, we had to close up in between storms. And hide in the hay shelter when things got really intense.


Shoots like these are very time consuming and we easily worked our way in the evening hours. That was cool too, as a beautiful moon and a pink sky came out to enhance the ambience.

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography.

Above Sara (LEFT) is wearing the Feather and Floral Kimono, from Boa-Kae Ranch,; Moonstone, quartz and hematite necklace with feather charm and tassel, by RKR Jewerly; and Navajo pearl, large bead necklace, $375, from Classic Rodeo.

Tara (MIDDLE) is wearing the Blush Light Ribbed rose cardigan and Lariat necklace from Boa-Kae Ranch; Dragonfly lariat with moonstone, quartz and dragonfly charms necklace by RKR Jewerly, and the to die-for tall brown boots by Alberta Boot Co.

Paige (RIGHT) is wearing the HyFyve Pink Cheetah coat from Classic Rodeo; and Tiger’s eye stones with onyx , black agate and tassel necklace, by RKR Jewerly.

* Hats, tanks and belts are models’ own.

Photo by Twisted Tree Photography.

A big thank-you goes out to make-up artist, Ivonne Arsenault of One Beauty, Calgary, AB, and Cierra Ross also of One Beauty, Calgary, AB, for working her magic on hair!

Wild rag by Brown Creek Wild Rags. Necklace by RKR Jewelry.

And I\’d like to mention the talent of Randi Hamre of RKR Jewelry at this point! Creating one-of-a-kind western and contemporary jewelry, the pieces coming from RKR Jewelry never cease to amaze me. If you want to get your unique CFR or NFR look, be sure to get in touch with RKR Jewelry immediately!

Boots by Alberta Boot Co. Bracelets by RKR Jewelry.

We\’ve also got some exciting new things happening at the WHR Boutique, like this beautiful, handmade cross-body purse, designed by Janine\’s Custom Creations, exclusively for Western Horse Review. Crafted from real Pendleton® Blankets, this purse is made from Chief Joseph Pendleton® blankets and finished inside with a beautiful, Kasha lining. Inside you\’ll find a pocket to safeguard your small items and keep everything together with a top zipper closure. Finished with dark beige leather strap and tassel.



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