2010 South Country Derby

There was snow on the ground and a lot of mud, but not one complaint was voiced during the South Country Derby held May 27-29 in Cardston, AB.

Competitors came from several provinces to try their reins in 24 open, non-pro and youth classes.

And inside the Agri-dome, the heat was on and spirits were high as horses slid and spun their way to reining greatness.

Even the judges Dan Mayer from Utah and Terry Berg from Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t seem to mind the snow and bleak weather.

Thanks goes to Buck Nunn, manager of the Cardston Agridome, for all his hard work grooming the show ground and careful attention to show needs of contestants!

And of course, a BIG thank-you is in order to Linn Jensen, Trudy Tienkamp, Ron Anderson, Tim Whale, Phil & Sherry Menard, Dallas Pole and the entire SCD crew for all their hard work in putting this great event together for us once again.

Since the show was a pretty busy time for me (between helping Clay get his horses ready, then Danielle, then chores, then riding my own 2 mares and helping Clay again), I had no time for snapping any candid shots at this event.

Thankfully, Danielle had my back and grabbed my camera when she wasn’t showing her mount, Meradas Blu Starlite.

Unfortunately for me, that meant I was on the other end of the lens…

But she did snap some cool shots for My Stable Life. Here are a few behind-the-scenes pics from the warm-up ring…

This is the back of one of the sweetest show shirts we’ve ever seen:

And here are 2 characters who regularly have to be separated… They get into too much trouble otherwise.

I’ll be back soon with champion pictures and results. Stay tuned to My Stable Life!


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