A Great Stay in Claresholm, AB

Crisp, clean and quiet. The Bluebird Motel is my kind of place!

Crisp, clean and quiet. This cute little motel is my kind of place, especially when our concentration needs to be focused on showing horses.

Although it’s a good 9 hour drive for us, I always look forward to traveling to Claresholm, Alberta, for the weekend. This past weekend we were there for the July 3-4 Alberta Reined Cow Horse Show. And if you’re looking for a unique place to stay while visiting Claresholm – a frequent host town for equine events – you should consider the Bluebird Motel.

When we first started staying at the Bluebird, I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! As a person who has stayed in many hotels and motels, I’ve become quite picky when it comes to choosing a place to stay. Staying at the Bluebird is akin to staying in a “friend’s guest room”, as another guest so eloquently wrote on a customer comment page.

Featuring heritage theme rooms, each room in the Bluebird is uniquely decorated with antiques, displaying western heritage and local history.

The 1955 Alberta Inkeepers Act is a framed momento in Gramma Lucy's room.

The rooms are meticulously clean – which is a very important aspect to me. And each has its own charm. Theme rooms from which you can choose to stay in include: Home on the Range, Birdsnest, Calgary Stampede, Gone Fishing and the Gene Autry Room, just to name a few.

The finishing touches in the Bluebird’s rooms include lace curtains, period postcards and patchwork quilts adorning the beds.

The Bluebird Motel has also hosted a few famous guests: Michelle Wright and Patricia Conroy stayed once to support the Claresholm hospital.

Patricia Conroy & Michelle Wright left autographed headshots as notes of thanks.

If you’re looking for a neat place to stay during your travels, or for a quiet overnighter to help you focus on the showing of your horses, the Bluebird Motel is a great stop to rest your head. www.bluebirdmotel.ab.ca