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I just realized I haven\’t posted any gardening posts lately. I guess I\’ve just been so busy with horse shows and show results, and new foals, and kids and horses, and spring storms and great new art exhibitions, and well . . . yardwork.

Gardening, landscaping, yardwork – however you wish to refer to it, here at the log house, it\’s a gigantic commitment – and when it all comes together, one of the greatest aspects of living on this property.

So, I\’m going to remedy my lack of gardening posts beginning today with this idea for you to create your own outdoor table centerpiece.


It\’s extremely simple and will leave you feeling a little like Martha. Post prison-term, and back on Turkey Hill, of course.

What really makes this arrangement special is you can likely create it without spending a penny, and it will take you less than a half an hour.

First, choose a container. For the arrangement above, I chose this basket the girls gave me a Mother\’s Day plant in, from which the plant has long since hit the compost pile. Whatever you choose, ensure it has drainage holes. I\’ve done this as well with an old coffee can that I punched a few holes in the bottom of.

Then, dig up one of your strawberry plants, ditto the herb or your choice from your herb basket or pot, and plant each of these at opposite ends of the planter. Choose two pretty flowers for the center. If you really want to go crazy, make the flowers nasturiums or something equally tasty, and you\’ll have an entire \”edible basket.\”


Here\’s the aerial view. Strawberry in the right corner, Greek Oregano in the left corner, and two pretty flowers in the center. It\’s still a little sparse as I just planted this, but in a few weeks it will be overflowing and luscious.


Set it on your table, and wella, you have a lovely flower and plant arrangement that will last you the summer long. Remember to water well.


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