A Year in Review

Credit: Infused Studios

I cannot believe it’s 2011! That means I have to train myself to write a new date on the top of my cheques… It’s likely there will be a couple of errors made before I finally get it right.

A new year often means new resolutions, new outlooks and new hopes for the future. And while I am truly looking forward to life’s gifts that this new year will bring, as I look back at 2010 I am very happy with what was accomplished in the last 365 days. That includes the personal goals that were attained both in our barn and in life in general. I hope you all feel the same way too!

I am also very pleased with the vigor, My Stable Life took on since it’s kick-off in March of 2010. Clearly, MSL has garnered some of the most wonderful readers on the world wide web! Together, we’ve traveled from the Canadian prairies, to Custer’s Last Stand, to the Painted Deserts of Arizona:

There were some adventures and mechanical pit stops along the way:

Plus a crash course in Gumbo. (Well, not crashing in the literal sense…) Just a little difficulty getting to the highway:

But we always seemed to make it to our destination, horses in tow.

Then of course, we crossed the plains of New Mexico and found ourselves at the National Reining Breeders Classic In Texas:

There were also some exciting travels to Maui, HI, and Reno, NV:

And all the while, Clay and I learned about new border restrictions and importation regulations as we went along:

Once on home turf, we focused our attention to the breeding and foaling season that had rapidly crept up on us with joy and admiration for the new additions to J. Drummond Farms:

My Stable Life introduced readers to some of the daily tasks faced on an equine breeding farm.

Plus, all the vaccines, bookwork, show entries and record keeping that go along with a +40 head operation.

You were also there when some of our cows decided to meander outside our farm’s fences.

We have visited shows together and learned a thing or two about photography:

We have met some interesting people and had a couple of riding lessons together.

And we have gone through some colt starting sessions.

As the seasons changed, My Stable Life has always aimed to bring you some great equine health info, training advice and equi-business insight every step of the way.

2011 promises more of the same, with a dash of the daily adventures here at J. Drummond Farms of course! Plus a pinch of country life, scenes from the shows and all the regular mumbo jumbo (in a good way!) that you’ve become accustomed to at MSL.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, by all means drop me a line in the comments section below. And until then – Happy New Year everybody!


  1. Cheryl Watt says

    I absolutely love reading your editorials. You have a style that is clear, crisp and clean. Your photos are always phenomenal and somehow you manage to catch the essence of the moment. Please continue to provide excellent reading for us all.