Behind The Scenes of Finter

I think it’s safe to say that we have now officially moved into the season of “Finter.” You know: part Fall, part Winter. With that comes harvest, winter preparation for the hay supply, Futurity season and for us, Finter also means it’s time to make plans for next year’s marketing.

Recently, we had our friend Jeremy Drummond from Studio 10 Video stop by to help us create some stallion promotion videos. Everything was going as planned until of course, I came by to shoot a picture and my automatic flash went off! (Hence, part of my inspiration for asking Travis to help in yesterday’s blog “Taking Control of Your Camera”)

Luckily, Studio 10 wasn’t too upset with me for shooting off a bright flash in the middle of Clay’s interview. And they did a fantastic job with the finished stallion promo products. I can’t wait to share them with you later on in the year!

Studio 10 has helped us with various photography sessions around the farm. Last year, Jeremy took this lovely shot of the group at J.Drummond Farms just as our mustard fields were in bloom:

During our annual Hawg-A-Rama celebration, Jeremy coordinated this aerial shot:

And to help J. Drummond Farms get a group shot of everyone involved here, plus showcase the grain operation, Studio 10 coordinated this picture:

Credit: Helder Carvajal

It was a lot to put together – for only a 5 minute photo session. And unfortunately, I had a difficult time keeping my palomino’s face out of the wheat… But we were all really happy with the end result nonetheless!

Happy Friday to you all!