Chimney Rock Road

Today I thought I’d introduce you to a few members of my family. This is my husband Clay along with his father, Tony Webster. This is where my husband gets his sense of humor. And his bad pun jokes… That apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. In fact, I think it plunked right down at the roots and didn’t even roll.

This is Clay and Tony along with the lovely Mrs. Webster. Or you can call her Ma Dame Debbie Webster.

Tony and Debbie live here. This is also where Clay and I were married…

Photo by Debbie Webster.

The Webster Ranch in  winter…

Photo by Debbie Webster.

And this is Tony and Debbie’s cool teepee…

Photo by Debbie Webster.

This is the gift Clay and I have brought back from Arizona for Tony and Debbie. Which they don’t know about yet, but probably will as soon as they see my blog…

The reason for the wine is because Tony and Debbie run a beautiful Bed & Breakfast called “Chimney Rock B & B” located on Chimney Rock Road in southern Alberta. Lat: 50.0964 Long: -114.2099 to be exact. The wine couldn’t have been more suitable. At the B & B, guests can stay in the “Room with a View,” the “Buckskin ‘n Blue” room or in the teepee.  Full, ranch-style breakfasts are included with the stay.

Guests are also invited to help with chores or have a cup of coffee and listen while Tony shares some stories of the Valley – most of which are actually true! But don’t let him tell you his “Dog Throat” tale… Trust me on this one!!

This is another of Debbie’s pictures:

And so is this:

Not only does Debbie have an eye for beauty in nature, Debbie is part of a group called “Dames on the Range” – Rural Women in Business. Their mission is to invite visitors to join them in the country and create landscape awareness, protect the western lifestyle and encourage rural appreciation.

If yer interested, here is a short video about the Dames…


  1. Cool article Jenn and kudos to the Dames – gotta love woman power!!