Forever Friends & Family

Clay and our nephew, Logan.

I think one of the greatest aspects of the western lifestyle are the friends you make along the way…

Patti James waves hello while Deanne Swales watches over her two boys.

And the opportunities this life presents to be with family…

During the trip Clay and I made back to Alberta to attend 2 shows (Cowtown Derby and the Reining Alberta Spring Classic), we were extremely lucky to also be afforded the opportunity to catch up with many beloved friends and family.

Some of the Webster family members. (L-R) Debbie & Tony Webster (Clay's dad), Mike (Clay's brother), Logan, Ryley & Angie Webster. They all came to cheer Clay on in Claresholm.

On this same trip Clay and I were incredibly lucky to catch up with our friends Kim Magnuson and her daughter, Chloe, just as their mare gave birth to a filly they had patiently been waiting for. It was a special moment and from this picture, you can tell there are 3 proud mothers instead of only 1…

A life with horses is sometimes challenging as it puts a heavy demand on your schedule and many responsibilities on your daily to-do list. However, the western lifestyle features the common bond of the horse which brings people together all over the world and our way of living promotes a great amount of family time.

Grandpa Tony takes his grandsons over to see the cows.

And even if we don’t have our own children yet, Clay and I like to try and share this great life with the youngest members of our family at every opportunity.

Clay and our oldest nephew, Ryley.

Unfortunately, not all of them are as taken with the horses as we are. But we’ll keep working on it!

Our niece Payton isn't so sure horses are her thing...


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