The J. Drummond Farms Saloon.

In this week’s Setting Up For Clinic Success blog post, I eluded to the past 10 busy days at our farm. On August 7-8, we hosted a clinic. And August 10-13 was spent preparing for Hawg-A-Rama!

Pig snouts are a fashionable accessory at Hawg...

Hawg-A-Rama is a big fiesta our farm hosts for our friends and family, in and amongst the grain bins, to raise funds for the University of Regina Athletics Department and for Breast Cancer early diagnosis equipment. Pig snouts are sold in a 50 / 50 style contest and the last person standing – and wearing their snout – at the end of it all wins a great jackpot of cash, while all the rest goes to the 2 benefits. This year, we raised over $60,000!

My best friend, Jaime Bryant was ready to rock in the pig snout contest.

From L-R - Our friends and family. And my shadow.

As the name suggests, Hawg features a pig roast and some of the finest homemade pies in the country! There is lots for the kiddies to do, like face painting:

One of our wonderful vets, Jeremy Ross and his adorable daughter. Check out her awesome t-shirt!

And there is lots for adults to enjoy such as plenty of live entertainment, since music is a big part of the culture at J. Drummond Farms.

Ron, Colleen & Becky on the Saloon Stage.

This year we hosted John Conlee:

"But these rose colored glasses, that I'm looking through Show ooo.......nly the beauty, cause they hide all the truth..."

Hawg also hosted BJ Thomas (You know – “Raindrops keeps falling on my head…), Becky & The Jets, Frogsback, Jasmine Paige, the Monkey Junk Band ANNNNDDD….

Who is it, you ask?

Why, it’s the King himself!

Yep. He even threw out scarves of his perspiration out to us crazy ladies in the crowd.

(L-R) Me, Elvis and Jaime.

Hawg-A-Rama is a great time and one of the big highlights of our year at the farm. Luckily, it only happens once a year – because it’s gonna take us that long to recover for next year. Since the clean-up after the beginning of this week, it seems like life has returned to normal.


  1. Nice job Jenn at capturing the atmosphere of the day – pics say 1000 words and it was rounded off wonderfully with your work. Keep smiling!