Melodramatic Me

Today I gaze upon the morning sky,

Remembering those we loved, who are no longer by our sides.

Can they see the beauty of the Earth below?

I wonder.

From the clouds above, can they see the passing seasons?

Do they hear our complaints and all our reasons

We wish for warmer days,

Hours without insects,

Winds to dry up the mud,

And a break from the sun’s rays.

I wonder.

Do they smile when of life’s hardships we grumble,

Like us, do they cower when we hear the thunder rumble,

Can they feel the splendor a new season brings us?

I hope so.

Maybe it’s my melodramatic self

To remember our loved ones today. But I vow never to forget.

And the beauty of today’s world, I won’t ignore.

Yet, I’m still so excited to see the new life Spring has in store!

– JW


  1. Lovely, lovely Ms. Jenn.

  2. Laurie Kambeitz says

    I don’t know if it all those hormones rushing through you’re body or what but everything I read of yours these days makes me feel so emotional
    thankyou, thankyou!!!

  3. This is just plain great!! Well done Jenn.

  4. Beautiful photography and sentiments.