Postcards From Kentucky – Day 2

Yes, it’s true! In the Team Competition at the North American Junior and Young Riders Competition in Kentucky today, Team Alberta WON GOLD!! I will have more pictures and highlights from today’s happenings (July 29, 2010) coming soon. But for now, I need to share July 28’s events with you – which was also a fantastic day for Team Alberta consisting of Nancy Pratch, Kaylynn Malmberg, Chloe Beveridge and Sage Sapergia).

The team.

4 cute chicks in sunglasses and cowboy hats.

Yesterday, Wednesday July 28, proved to be an awesome start for our youth Team Alberta in Kentucky!! If you’ve been following along, My Stable Life’s last post told of the girls’ tales in the airport, their arrival in Kentucky and of their Trot Test held prior to competition. (Check out: Postcards From Kentucky)

Nancy Pratch accepting first place in Wednesday's welcome class.

That's us!

Here are some notes from Chloe Beveridge:

July 28, 2010 – 10:00 pm

Hey Jenn,

We kicked some serious butt today! Nancy got 1st, Sage 2nd and Kaylynn 3rd, they all had wicked runs and I secretly hope everyone else is a little worried ;) … and I should throw out there that I could have had a 4th but Cash decided to literally kick away 15 points…
Hot days but the early mornings have nothing but nice weather. They have mocking birds here and we were listening to one up in the tree making all sorts of noises, they’re pretty cool birds.

I’ve been on a hunt for cute cowboys, and the only cute guys I’ve seen were the parking lot kinds – Nancy said they definitely wouldn’t ride western and probably don’t have a farm I can live on, but we can always dream right?
Late start tomorrow – I believe it’s 10 am, so I will not beat the heat.

– Chloe

Cash cooling off on his fan.

Four men under the hood of a Ford trying to look for a blown fuse.

The massive warm-up arena was a little chaotic with all the riders of various disciplines practicing.

Our home.

On the way to trot practice.

Terri Lee and Lorna chillin'.


  1. Danielle Hall says

    Awesome job girls!! Congratulations! Hope you’re having fun for all of us. We are all cheering for you, I am sure you can almost hear us!