A Tack-Room-Less Idea


Some horse owners don’t need a dressing room in their horse trailer. For these owners, Featherlite Trailers created its Model 8527 gooseneck horse trailer, which forgoes a dressing room and rear tack.

“By making a standard horse trailer without a dressing room, customers don’t have to customize an existing model to eliminate it,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite’s National Sales Manager, said. “This is a huge advantage to all our customers who just need a horse trailer to haul horses.”

By eliminating the dressing room and rear tack area, owners give their horses a more open area. The open area between the front stall and the gooseneck also serves as an all-purpose storage space.

Other features of the Model 8527 include a full width rear ramp with double doors above. Inside, the first stall contains a removable divider on the bottom, and a telescoping rear divider gives added versatility.

The Model 8527 also benefits from new features that Featherlite has added to all their horse trailers. Larger windows behind the horses are now standard on slant load models, increasing the light and airflow in the trailer. New nylon bushings on horse dividers reduce vibration for a quieter ride. And new stall divider options increase airflow and look sleeker in the bargain. The Model 8527 also offers new rounded LED clearance lights. These are smaller, brighter and easier to replace.

All 2011 horse trailers are available for order at any one of Featherlite’s 180 dealerships. For more information about all of Featherlite’s 2011 products and features, visit Featherlite online at www.fthr.com or call 1-800-800-1230.


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