Boys Will Be Boys



The front pasture on our property houses our yearling stallions and their older, much wiser, babysitter gelding.

\"\"The reason the stud colts get the front pasture is because it\’s located far away from the mares. Aaaaannnnnnd, it\’s easier to keep an eye on the colts, should they get into any trouble.

\"\"But I quite enjoy having them in the front pasture because it allows me the opportunity to take in their antics on a daily basis, directly from our dining room.

\"\"There\’s no doubt, boys will be boys.

The babysitter gelding doesn\’t get very involved. But the stud colts sure have a great time. And I just don\’t see any of the other nearby pasture horses rough-housing in the same way…


\"\"Day after day, these colts play. And they play hard.



Often like zebras…..

If you\’ve ever seen a zebra fight on t.v. you may have seen one animal get the other down on its belly by biting at its knees.

\"\"And that\’s exactly what our young studs do.

\"\"It\’s quite funny to watch. At least, I get a kick out of it! <grin>

\"\"And when one colt tires or has had quite enough…

\"\"There\’s usually somebody else around who can be enticed into the games.


Just as long as no one loses an eye… Otherwise, I might have to send each of them to the corner!

Happy Thursday!


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