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Welcome to our second (the first being MY STABLE LIFE\’s Shane Doan autographed jersey) online contest! We\’re going to kick this off in high fashion. Cowboy fashion, that is. After all, what says Western more than a pair of western jeans? Heck, even Robert Redford got grief for not wearing an authentic cowboy brand in The Horse Whisperer. Just because we\’re pleased as punch that you\’ve tuned into our new website, we\’re going to give away three iconic Cruel Girl brand western style jeans, in your style, in your size. All you have to do is let us know – in the Comment section below – what your favorite western brand or logo is – it could be tack, clothing, ranch brands, whatever has a connection to the western lifestyle.

We\’ll randomly choose three winners and the lucky recipients will be wearing a pair of these jeans lickety-split.


I guarantee you will look this good wearing them. (trailer, horse and long hair not included)

Contest closes Apr. 26

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97 thoughts on “Brand It”

  1. I have three pairs of cruel girl jeans but my absolute favs were 20X Tulsa jeans which they no longer produce also a bit of a fan of H brand boots – find they fit me just fine.

  2. Amanda Hagel

    I like any kind of jean that fits right. (kinda hard to find for a small body). But i look at the Crul Gril low rise, slim fit and boot cut jeans.

  3. Libby Laycraft

    Two of my favourite brands are Alberta Beef and Certified Angus Beef. In my mind there’s nothing that speaks more “western lifestyle” than cattle, ranches, good steak and beer! Yee Haw….

  4. As far as western fashion goes, there’s nothing more iconic in my mind that that old Wrangler “W”. It’s been good seeing it evolve and grow with the times…but not too much.

  5. Jen Willcock

    I’ve been hooked on Wrangler for 30 years, but with the addition of the new names like Cruel Girl, I think I’ve found a new favourite! I’ve worn out a bunch of Cruel Girls already, and love them! I think sometimes they are made just for me 🙂

  6. Jany Carpentier

    My favorite brand is Pandhandle Slim. They made tough and flashy clothes. They’re tough enough for the western life and flashy for the show! Just good moment come to my mind!

  7. Nadine Hawkins

    I love my Ariat boots (good support and NO need to break them in) and the Q Baby jeans. I’m also partial to Alberta Beef (especially now that BBQ season is here).

  8. As a full-time instructor/trainer, there are certain brands I count on for quality, durability and comfort. That would be Weaver, Wrangler and my Alberta Boot cowboy boots.

  9. I have to pick a favorite?!!! That’s not fair. Shirts – love the 20X with X-tra long sleeves – I’m part orangutan! Jeans, I’ve got a couple pairs of Cruel Girl, but also love my Wrangler Q Babies – stretch is a beautiful thing!

  10. Pamela Sabo

    Always gone with fit, regardless of brand, but have now acquired 3 pairs of Q Baby jeans by Wrangler. Need to try the Cruel Girl brand I guess. Also have several pairs of Ariat boots, always a good fit and good quality.

  11. Lacey Stanton

    All I wear is Cruel jeans, they are durable and comfortable. You also can’t beat ariat and lucchese boot , they are so comfortable and can be worn all day.

  12. I have found the Wrangler jeans very comfortable and I love how they come in a long length for us tall girls. I am very fond of Ariat and Roper as I have sweatshirts, vests, boots, etc., and find they wear very well. I just purchased the new weaver air cinch and my horse seems very comfortable. Anything to do with the western lifestyle makes me happy. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh hay and my horse!

  13. Jessica Zukowsky

    I love my Lucchese boots! and paired with a pair of my Tuff jeans, Wrangler or Cruel Girl “Stacey”s, I’m in heaven!

  14. Colleen Ripp

    Cruel Girl jeans fit the best and wear the longest!! Their new “Arena fit” jeans and shirts are great to rope in or rodeo. Cruel Girl has found a way to match function, fit and style. I wear jeans almost everyday to work and I ride every night, so I have A LOT of jeans and most of the are Cruel Girl!!

  15. Brittany Greer

    My favorits jeans would have to be the carhartt women traditional fit boot cut they fit amazingly! In boots it would have to be the Juystin Gypsys!

  16. If I had to choose one brand it would have to be Ariat they are the best boots around no need to break them in just pull them on a get in the saddle…. For jeans it would have to be my Cruel girl “Mattie” jeans. A great fit both in the show pen and in the barn……

  17. Stacey Smith

    My absolute favorite riding boots are Ariat’s Fat Baby’s. They are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned, and when I first bought them, I didn’t have to break them in. It was like I’d been wearing them for years. I will never buy any other brand.

  18. I absolutely love Professional’s Choice for tack. I use their saddle pads and splint and bell boots. They are awesome quality and look awesome. When it comes to jeans though, I love Cruel Girl!

  19. Kaye Stoesser

    I think the Wrangler brand is one of the iconic western brands of all times. The original 13MWZ can’t be beat. I have an original vintage pair that are Bright Pink.

  20. Shauna Lesick

    Roper’s definately say “western” to me. How can anyone live without a pair? You can ride in them, work in them, dance in them, and even sleep in them they are so comfortable!!

  21. I have a pair of Cruel girl jeans and I’m a heavy girl and long legged these are the only ones that fit me and they are very comfortable to go out on the town or go ride all day.

  22. I would have to say my favorite brand (at this very moment) would have to be the Babcock Ranch brand….because it adorns our new stallions right hip!

  23. Stacey Israelson

    My all time favorite brand is the famous King Ranch running W. As for jeans a low rise and stretch are a necessity Cruel Girls & Wranglers are my favorites.

  24. My favorite is weaver tack and the wrangler jeans hard to find my size because i am small in the waist, and I also love my Alberta cowboys especially.

  25. Q-Baby by wrangler, snug fit with the right leg length for us tall girls. With full time riding season just around the corner, jeans are on everyone’s mind.

  26. Nancy Edwards Peterse

    I love Cruel Girl Jeans…they are the most comfortable riding jean EVER! My fav style has been discontinued…and I had to throw them out just the other they were worn completely out! It was Cruel!!! I am a huge fan of the low rise slim fit boot cut. While there are so many great names in tack out there..I think my favourite connection to the Western lifestyle is my APHA mare..Quincy Quick N Fancy. We have been together for 5 years now..and she is the best money I have ever spent on myself!! I love her!!

  27. cruel girl georgia’s extra long legs…fave, fave, fave! Tack has got to be classic equine and pro choice:-)

  28. I love cruel girl jeans, they are so comfortable for riding in, and they also come in xlong length which is great. They are my fav jean by far

  29. Any brand that has stretch jeans for us who have not aged as well as others but still have the love of riding and working outdoors. I love my Circle Y saddle but on the look out for a good reining saddle. Love my Ariat boots and my Justin boots.

  30. I love my Sean Ryon saddle and my Professional Choice Sports Medicine boots. I love wearing Ariat boots and of course, Cruel Girl jeans and blouses.

  31. I have always counted on and love Wrangler jeans, since I was a child. I own a few designs of wrangler jeans which I enjoy wearing. I’ve never tried Cruel jeans before. Maybe if I win a pair I will realize what others are talking about!

  32. Love my Ariats! They just keep on going! For years! Would very much like to have a pair of Cruel jeans. Never had them before. And I certainly like the guarantee!

  33. Love anything carrying The Horse Ranch brand…HR Bareback Pads & Natural Horsemanship Equipment, Colt Starting DVDs, Jackets, and most of all the HR Horses! Awesome Contest and great new website!

  34. Currently have 9 pair of Cruel Girl jeans & rarely wear anything other than…Ariat & Justin boots rate right up there, along with my 20X pad and SMX Pro Choice boots, all this while having a Grade A Alberta beef steak & Pilsner at the Sooner trailer!!

  35. Ashley Perrin

    I will have to say that Cruel Girl Jeans are at the top of my list, there are always styles to choose form that look great!

  36. Deb Atterbury

    My favs are my Cruel Girl low rise relaxed fit, they look like mens jeans and fit like women’s, next are my new Wrangler Houston low rise slim fits with the fancy new back pockets and last but not least I wouldn’t go anywhere without my Boulet’s, best Canadian made boots ever.

  37. Veronica Dibb

    I like Professional Choice and Wrangler. I have always wanted Cruel Girls jeans!

  38. RoriLee Corsi

    I have a pair of Wrangler jeans that fit me as I am a size 25 waist. Wear Ariat boots. My horse is a Registered American Quarter Horse. My horse has a pair of Professional Choice boots. I would love a pair of Cruel Girl jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Last time I was out to Alberta, I stopped in a Frontier Western Shop. The salesgirl introduced me to Cruel Girl jeans. I bought a pair then and have since ordered more. They are so comfortable to ride in and look great all of the time. I love them!

  40. Marilyn Pleadwell

    Cruel Girls and Q Baby Jeans are my favorites and you can never go wrong with a pair of Lucchese Boots!

  41. Western to me is my Billy Cook saddle, Boulet boots, Weaver anything and Wrangler jeans. I’m extra large so wear men’s jeans which fit better. Never tried Cruel Girl, wonder if they make ’em in my size?

  42. hmmmm I’d have to say my Fat Baby boots and my newest pair of Wranglers……mmmm nice

  43. If horses are considered to have brand names, my favorite would be the American Quarter Horse, even better are the ones raised in Alberta. I also love my Cactus saddle.

  44. My vote will have to go to Wrangler. Seems I always end up going back to them!!

  45. I love any brand that fits larger women. I have always like the Wrangler jean. But I appreciate any brand that flatters the larger woman, fits properly and is affordable

  46. Andrea Jones

    My favorite brand is Twisted X they make a great stylish boot that stands out when you pull your jeans up!

  47. I love Cruel girl jeaned , they fit right , they ride right and they look right, thanks Cruel girl.The best are low rise for me .
    Billy Cook tack is also a favourite.
    Send me a pair of cruel girl jean because i will wear them proud.

  48. Favorite brands: AQHA, APHA, NRHA, Cruel Girl, Bob’s, rafter B (Brandt Ranch), WCRA and TRR. Just to name a few:)

  49. My favorite brand of jeans are Rockies because of the availability of the leg length I need. Next would be my Ariat steel toed work boots, comfort from the very beginning. I also like Nevada jeans from Mark’s Work Warehouse.

  50. Mia Glasser

    My favorite brands are Q Baby jeans from Wrangler, Ariat boots, and Circle Y saddles, but I really would like to try the Cruel Girl jeans as they look very nice!!

  51. Jennifer Hart

    Love Cruel girl, have 2 pair and would luv to get more! Can’t wear Wrangler that well but love them anyway cause they look so good on George Strait-Long Live Cowboys!! Boulet boots the best! Cowgirl Up!

  52. I love the wearver and i just discovered the crueol girl jean line-they are awesome!!!
    Ariet and good old boulet are also pretty close.

  53. I like Cruel girl jeans for their many styles and colours. They help make many body shapes look good and the wearer feel beautiful. I enjoy the fact the colours is durable even under messy conditions.

  54. always worn wrangler – a friend says I have to try Cruel Girl… maybe this contest will convince me! – love my vic saddle and BB Simon belts!

  55. Always loved slim fit Wrangler jeans. Also have a number of pairs of Cruel Girl – love their fit too! Boulet boots my tried and true choice of footwear.

  56. My Ariat boots. They are the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned and that’s including my good running shoes. I also love the Aura jeans by Wrangler. I’ve never tried Cruel Girl though – winning a pair would be great. 🙂

  57. The choices for jeans these days are incredible … for me it’s Wrangler and Cruel Girl. When they become faded from work and play they are beautiful!

  58. I am a western riding coach and western entertainer, so my wardrobe requires quality and style in whatever brand I choose. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair of Cruel Girl jeans. Perfect for both jobs.

  59. Gotta love the country/rodeo life! Ariat boots, cruel girl clothes (western shirts/jeans), wrangler, 20X and carhart all the way 😉
    Cant live without em nor the leave the house without one of them on!!

  60. Wrangler, Cruel Girl, Carhart, Ariat, Stetson, Pro Choice, Silver Supreme, Weaver, Levis, Circle J, Chevrolet to name a few

  61. I love my Q baby jeans, Cruel Girls, anything stretch is my pick. I wear Ariat boots can’t live without, Carhart, Fappani bits.

  62. At nearly 70 years young, I love my Alberta Boots – have worn them forever!

  63. I absolutely love the feel of a modern day old west-Double D Ranch Western Wear! But I couldn’t live without my Wranglers either.

  64. I really like the Justin Gypsy boot, (because I have such a wide foot and high arch), they fit great. Billy Cook is the saddle I enjoy.

  65. I only wear Cruel Girl Jeans.I love the fit of Stetson , Panhandle Slim ,and Cruel Girl shirts. My favorite boots are my squared toe Ariats.

  66. Denise Pederson

    I love Montana silver jewellery, Montana Silver Other household products too, love my Gypsy, Ariat, Brahma , Justin Ropers, Roper Chunk Riders boots!!! Love my wrangler 20x’s jeans, and ariat pants too.Love my Cowgirl Finess belts, purses. Love my Oceanfront Saddlery saddle and chinks, thanks to the awesome craftmanship of Kenton!!! I have not had the awesome opportunity of ever trying any Cruel Girl pants, am looking forward to the possiblility of doing so!! It will be awhile before I can go purchase any….as my beautiful horse just used up the funding with a visit from the dentist!! It wasn’t his fault, poor baby was have some issues….and that just can’t be!! Thank you for this opportunity and have an awesome day!!!

  67. I like the fact these jeans are long enough for us tall girls. I wear then almost every day.

  68. Nancy Maloney

    Ariat boots rock. Mountain Horse winter boots, jackets, and rain gear are great for winter riding.

  69. Marie Cameron

    I love my Q-baby wrangler jeans– my blue ribbon saddle–metal lab bits– harris reins- and just plain riding every chance I get.

  70. Have worn Wrangler jeans for years. Like the relaxed fit, boot cut for riding.

  71. About 5yrs ago I switched from 5 pocket wranglers and started wearing Cruel Girl low rise slim fit jeans, I absolutely love them, always a perfect fit. The other brand name that I live by is Ariat boots. I have Ariat boots for riding, good, and slip on’s for at work.

  72. Margaret Kreger

    Hi there1 I have a pair of Roper riding boots that I just love for riding and I usually wear Levis stretch jeans. I would love to try a pair of Cruel Girls jeans just to see how they fit. I have a Tex Tan riding saddle that I just love and have Appaloosa and Rocky Mountain horses.

  73. Just love carhartt coats and shirts, justin boots and Ken Cameron saddles and bridles……..

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