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The Calgary Stampede is pleased to announce the artist who has been chosen to create the historic 2012 Centennial Artwork and Poster. Harley Brown is one of the most respected and recognized artists in the world. Brown, a native Albertan who now resides in Tucson, Arizona, is a western painter and sculptor of figures and domestic animals. It’s believed the poster, created from Brown’s original artwork will be one of the most sought after posters in Stampede history and will be seen in every corner of the earth.

His father was an amateur artist who encouraged his young son from age seven to pursue art. After graduation from high school, young Brown began doing department store window displays for an impressive $150 a month. He then attended the Alberta College of Art and later the Camberwell School of Art in London, England. He has received numerous awards and gold medals for his art and is an honoured member of both the Cowboy Artists of America and the Prix De West.

“When I was a kid, I didn\’t think the Calgary Stampede could get any bigger or better,” says Brown. “By the end of each year’s Stampede, I was left speechless and breathless, and amazed at how fresh and vital they made each new Stampede. I wanted to create a piece that reflected a Stampede that will truly see no end. It is one of the traditions of North America that has such great meaning for all of us. This painting came quite naturally when I reflected on how to capture the past, present and future of this great event on canvas. When I create a piece, I want the work to come alive so I can feel the composition.”

Many factors were considered when choosing the artist to commemorate the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial. The works of several well-known artists were also reviewed. Ultimately, Brown was selected to create the art which will represent the 2012 Calgary Stampede to not only in Calgary, but around the world.

“We are extremely honoured to have the 2012 Calgary Stampede Centennial poster created by a Calgary artist who is a world renowned talent,” says Michael Casey, president and chairman of the board, Calgary Stampede. “His paintings demonstrate his pure talent, heart and love of his subject matter. His portraits are haunting, vibrant and beautiful works of art that touch our souls. We are very fortunate to have Harley be part of our 100 year celebration.”

In anticipation of extraordinary interest, the original artwork will be revealed at an unprecedented unveiling on Wednesday, July 6 and auctioned at the Western Art Auction Thursday, July 14. Western art has been a component of the Stampede from the very beginning – the first Stampede poster in 1912 featured art by Charlie Russell. Since the early 1980s, the Stampede has included a live auction of the best in contemporary and historical western art.

For more information, contact Jennifer Booth, Publicity Manager, at 403-261-0327, or [email protected]


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