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At the log house, the first day of the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede is decidedly quiet. Still, even, after the thunderous lightning storm which flowed through this part of the prairie for most of last night. In complete juxtaposition, downtown Calgary, at this minute is likely an organized mayhem of music, cheering and visual delights, as the Calgary Stampede Centennial Parade is winding its way through the streets, led by our own western icon, Ian Tyson.

If you didn\’t catch the Screen Doors & Saddles post yesterday revealing the 2013 Calgary Stampede Poster, be sure to have a look at it. It features a working cowboy many consider another icon of our Canadian West, Vern Lonsberry.

So many little surprises at this year\’s event.

We had a chance to gather up some shots of past Calgary Stampede posters, which we intended to run in our July/August issue, but didn\’t have a chance to, so I thought I\’d share them with you today.


Still thinking of iconic westerners, the 1912 poster was of course, painted by Charlie Russell. This one, two years later in 1914, featured less of a Wild West look and more of a cultured theme.


The Australian National Band and newly constructed Banff-Windermere Highway, as well as the famous chuck wagon races were the highlights showcased in the 1927 poster.


Although it was only 1935, this poster claimed a half century of the show. I\’m sure there\’s a story behind this.


Full color photography, depicting the \”famous chuck wagon races\” was introduced in 1946.

\"\"I love that rodeo and agriculture is true to center of these older posters.


One more vintage poster – Canada\’s Centennial year. These posters are fantastic works of art, but each also gives us a snapshot of history in a fashion, often chronicling what was matter most to the culture of the day.


What I found really interesting is the fact there are a number of years for which a poster is unavailable. According to Aimee Benoit, archivist at the Calgary Stampede, we are missing posters for 1922, 1926 and 1930. The Stampede didn’t establish their own archives until 1999, so everything they have has been acquired since then. Incredible to think these three links to the Calgary Stampede history may never be found.


The art itself is a huge aspect of the poster and we\’ve been granted so many artists vision for the event; it\’s always an awe-inspiring surprise to see the next one, and so difficult to pick favorites, but this would have to be one of mine.


Finally, the millenium poster.

Whether it\’s Stampede-flavored or not, hope you enjoy the beautiful weekend. Be sure to enter the Iron Horse jeans giveaway if you haven\’t already. We\’ll be drawing and announcing a lucky winner later on this afternoon.



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  1. Have to love that Centennial Year poster…July 6-15, 1967 ….focusing on our First Nations, the Cowboy and the heritage from the Northwest Mounted to present day Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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