Canada\’s Cutting Olympics



Amid the anticipation of tomorrow’s start to the Canadian Cutting Horse Association\’s annual Finals, as well as the inaugural Northern Bloodstock Showcase and Sale – both at Olds, Alberta, we at the magazine are also feverishly finishing off the final details of our annual fashion photo shoot, scheduled this year at John Scott\’s picturesque ranch – the scene of many movies over the years, from Little Big Man to Shanghai Noon to the modern The Virginian.

How I\’m going to traverse from one to the other in the space of a Saturday, I haven\’t quite determined, but I will be at both, and hope to offer you up some sneak peeks of the shoot sometime on Sunday.

Also, and in collaboration with our partners, Northern Bloodstock and Total Horse Marketing, we\’ll be showing a live feed from the Finals beginning today.

Two valid reasons to stay tuned!


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