Candids from Cowtown Derby


Since it\’s Friday, I thought it might be nice to post just a few candid shots I had the opportunity to snap at the 2012 Cowtown Derby & Stockhorse Show, held in Claresholm, AB, this past May 25-27.

The show was great fun for all cow horse enthusiasts with competitors showing up from as far away as British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Altogether, the show boasted 167 runs in the horse show and 25 derby horses making for 242 total runs over the three days.

Here\’s announcer Darren Baumgardner hard at work, sitting with his wife Heather who consequently is also the show\’s 2012 Non-Pro Derby champion!


Here\’s Kelin Doiron, waiting for her turn in the pen and looking fabulous – as always!

\"\"Here\’s the show\’s tireless cow chaser. What would a cow horse event do without these guys??

\"\"Some more competitors on the sidelines, waiting for their turn…

\"\"And the applause couldn\’t have been any louder as when Mr. Don Edey rode as a tribute to his wife in the Marci Edey Rein Box class.


Stay tuned for the next issue of WHR to see more results and championship pics from the 2012 Cowtown Derby & Stockhorse Show! And for more pictures, check out Natalie Jackman\’s website at:


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