Casa Grande\’s Walking N Arena



In Casa Grande, anticipation for the winter snowbird flush takes place at the Walking N Arena. While facility co-owner Carrie Woolsey, finishes up the final touches around the facility, she takes a moment to explain what their program is all about.

“My husband teaches and we all work on our roping,” smiles Woolsey.

Over the past 12 years, Carrie’s husband (multiple NFR Team Roping Qualifier) Rube Woolsey, has been taking in roping students gunning to refine their skills over the winter.

“We have geared our camp as a winter roping camp. We have some barrel racers, but we generally have clients that come to really get better at their roping. We rope Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We do a team roping jackpot Thursday starting at 10 o’clock in the morning. Then we go into a barrel racing jackpot Thursday nights.”


For the roping snowbird aiming to make some headway next season, the Woolsey’s arena is certainly one to check out.

“We tend to have people here that really want to get better with their roping. We have everything from the open roper to the guys who are just starting. But we all get done what we need to get done.”

Most of these horse RV facilities do fill up fast and are typically pretty full while winter travelers are in the sunny state preparing for their next year of competition. Nonetheless, most amenities are more than charming and sure beat riding through the winter in a couple feet of snow.


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  1. shana Mcclinton

    we love the Walikng N arena….!!!! weve gone for 6 straight years for the long winter months. Its the best ropin camp in Arizona. shana Mcclinton

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