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  1. Bonnie Daines

    Brown – my very first horse my parents bought me (many many years ago ) was brown and he still holds a very special place in my heart …. πŸ™‚

  2. Kyley Denschikoff

    Bays, I love a dark bay horse with no white. No white since I hate scrubbing whites for a show!!!

  3. I love the colours of the American Paint Horse, particularly the splashed white
    Why? .. because they look like they have been dipped feet-first into white paint and have the most amazing bright blue eyes.
    Such a majestic horse in all its splendor.
    I had one as a girl and his name was Patches and he could run like the wind he had quite a prance to his step and came running to me when I called his name.
    He was my beauty and best friend.

  4. Cyrl Schock

    I like black horses because that was my Dads favorite. Its what I grew up with. I love all horses.

  5. Laurie Cooepr

    Bay I guess, never thought about it much, but seeing as most of my horses are bay I guess I am drawn to them

  6. Bay – Every bay horse I have ever had have had the best temperment and were the most photogenic.

  7. Heidi Arnado

    Palominos – I’ve had them all my life. Can’t get enough of the blondies. Everyone in my family owns one.

  8. Miranda Cardinal

    I am a sucker for blacks and bays. My very first horse was a cute little bay, named Mr. Tuxedo. Very fitting. My second ‘star’ was a jet black mare named ‘Raven’. They will always be a part of me, and I am grateful for all the lessons they taught me over the years of growing up. πŸ™‚

  9. I LOVE leopard appaloosas. Partial to blacks, and palominos for the spots, but I love them all πŸ™‚

  10. Lee Isaacson

    I love a dark liver chestnut! They have such a gleam to their coats and look 3 dimensional in the sun:)

  11. Horses are a beautiful creature, coming in all shapes, sizes and especially colors! We have pastures filled with 30 horses with ranges of all colors and personalities, with the fall colors sure brings a smile to any horse lovers face. We do not really judge a horse by its color, as my best horse and a plain sorrel with a white star and a random white spot on his belly. He always gives me his best and looks after me, especially now that I am 6 months pregnant. He has adjusted from a high powered heading/barrel/ranch horse, to a soft and gentle giant who looks after me when out checking pastures.
    My big, loving Sorrel horse is one I hold close to my heart.

  12. Shannon Lamb

    Palomino would be my favourite. Guess it has always been a fav since I was a child because of Trigger and now that I own a very special one of my own.

  13. I love love love buckskin-dun color. Have since I was a teenager. The contrasting black and tan color catches my eye every time. I have a buckskin who is dappled and I cannot get enough of her. My dun is like the buckskin but with the line down the back and tiger stripes. Had them both as 2 year olds now for 10 years, and they are my for ever horses.

  14. Id have to say dark Bay- as that is the color of my horse right now and she is amazing and I love her!

  15. Debora Baird

    I love all horses, but am partial to Appaloosa’s. My first horse was a rat-tailed gray mare with varnish spots, ugly as sin but the best horse ever!! I love their gait, you can ride for hours and never get tired. I love the leopard pattern or a dark bay with blankets and spots, which was what my stallion was. I would love to see the show, I unfortunately missed it when it wsa in Calgary last year.

  16. Palomino… Never owned one, but it’s on my bucket list. They always look flashy in the show pen!

  17. My favorite horse color is dark chestnut. Why? Because my mare is that color and looks like dark rich chocolate and is even smoother!

  18. Dun (with red stripe) because that’s what my 27-year-old quarter horse is and he’s been through all of life’s up and downs with me for the past 23 years.

  19. I have a special place in my heart for two buckskin horses, as a kid my brother had a great buckskin and the one buckskin I had just passed away in 2010. Both were geldings with good minds. Of course both were named Buck.

  20. Robyn Hayward

    I will always be a sucker for a pretty palomino! Something about the sweetness of their dark eyes against the pale face and the surfer dude look to their forelocks!

  21. BLACK, is my favourite color for a horse. From my childhood days of Fury and
    the Black Stallion. There was only a Black Stallion to keep my horse dreams going.

  22. I love my black and white paint mare!! She lives in a herd of nine horses and she’s always the first to catch my eye when I drive in the yard! All paints are my favorite color breed.

  23. Barb Degelman

    No good horse comes in a bad colour, but I seem to be partial to bays. The horse I rasied and trained and showed for years as a child was a dark rich bay.

  24. margaret prekaski

    Grey…in memory of my Kohoutec…an awesome horse, a challenge but a great ride!!!!!

  25. Denise Nordin MacDonald

    I have always been partial to palominos but I do love a dark dapple grey

  26. I have a huge soft spot for greys, especially grey Arabians. I’m not exactly sure why, but I can’t think of anything more gorgeous than a grey, maybe it’s the liquid black eye contrast against the grey/white hair. It’s stunning πŸ™‚

  27. Susan Brace

    Buckskin! Beautiful dark golden buckskin! My grandparents raised buckskins in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I still have a daughter of their last stallion who is 31 years old and looking great!

  28. Catherine Dubois

    Grey was my favorite until I came off of one and hit the ground, lol. Can’t beat grulla for the wow factor!

  29. katelyn kippers

    I would have to say CHOCOlATE PALOMINO the are just so amazing witht the dark body witht the light gold flaking thoughout. And the white flaxen mane who could ask for anything more it just sucks that they mostly come in rocky moutain horses not quarter horses but any color of horse will do its the soul and mind behind them not the color

  30. I used to say a golden palomino, that’s what my Grandpa loved and I did until I got my first Paint But now I think I just love horses no matter what colour they are but I am partial to AQHA and APHA horses

  31. Shannon Johnston

    Definitely greys are my favorite. Their color is always changing, and they seem so magnificent!

  32. Grey. I’ve had a lot of good horses, and a Good horse is always the best color! But of all the colors (pretty much had them all), the grey horses have been my favorite, if I had to pick from a group of Good horses. They have that look of class and finesse, and when picking a color, “you can’t knock pretty off a horse”!

  33. Elena Coaes

    The colour of horse I am most partial to is a bay with white hind socks. They are easy to keep clean and really show well with their black manes and tails. Plus they really stand out in the field from the other horses.

  34. Black would be my favourite if I had to pick. My 4 year old mare is the most gorgeous black color and she is coming along so nicely in her training…….

  35. Karla Kvicala

    I’m kinda of boring I love your traditional colors Sorrel, Chestnut. Bay all with a little bit of chrome a blaze and a couple of socks. I’ve had some AMAZING horses with these color traits. My dad has always said to to me β€œSweeties you ride the animal not the color or the papers!” over the years I have come to believe what he says whole heartly. :):):)

  36. Appaloosa. I just love the mottled skin, white sclera, and striped hooves. My favorite patterns are near leopard, blanket, snowflake, and leopard. The first horse I ever rode was a leopard appaloosa. Dapple grey and sorrel are also favorites.

  37. I am VERY partial to a black horse πŸ™‚

    I own a black Canadian Horse.

    Love him – apparently, Cavalia uses Canadians some times in their shows…would love to see the show – pick me!

  38. Brandee Martin

    I love my buckskins, but I have to say my favorite was a red roan with 4 white socks very flashy.

  39. Sonja Jensen

    Always had a soft spot for greys… especially dark greys! My last horse turned totally white, he was beautiful but so hard to keep clean. My new girl is beautiful dark dappled grey and I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world! πŸ™‚

  40. Dyanna Keymer

    I love them all but forced to pick, grullo is my favorite. Occurring less than 1% in the Quarter Horse breed it is definitely unique. This can work for or against you in the show pen, as the judge rarely forgets you, which is great when things are going well…

  41. My favorite colored horse has very recently changed from a roan (I like all variations of roaning) to the chocolate palomino. My biggest interest in them is largely due to the genetic makeup of these horses. I find color genetics to be very intriguing!

  42. Dapple grey.. dark dapple… just so pretty.. since I was a little girl dapples always made me look twice..

  43. Leila Hickman

    As a child I was blessed to have two wonderful horses, both of which were grey/white. After years of Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing and a scrub brush, I can safely say my favorite color is a bay with no chrome!!

  44. Cherie Cressman

    I love the coffee /black/white paints. They stand out beautifully in any field of any colour, you can’t help look at them in ahw!

  45. I am 8 and have a sorrel gelding right now and love him. But I really would love a black and white paint because they are my favorite color of horse.

  46. Dark/Black&white Paints are my fave!you can see there beauty in any color of season always brings a smile of delight!

  47. Nancy Campbell

    I love buckskin dun. My mare, of this color, showed me what she was made of when we did a ride across the state of Minnesota. She’s my hero.

  48. I am very partial to the Dark Chocolate with the white/flaxen mane and tail. They are striking in color and really stand out in a crowd. A whole field of chocolate horses with white iceing! YMMMM

  49. I LOVE buttermilk buckskins, or black and white paints with a dishy, bald face.

  50. Annet Ribling

    If I could buy my dream horse, it would probably be a flaxen chestnut. Or a sorrel with a bald face (Gunner)… I like my chestnut/sorrel horses

  51. My favorite color is any color a good horse is. I love bays, paliminos, appaloosas, and buckskins. There is beauty in every one.

  52. shawna Gorhichuk

    Minimal sabino is my favourite in any colour. The white always stands out in the show pen.

  53. Susan Thieleman

    Palomino has alway been my favorite color. There are so many variations if the color and with they’re ivory mane and tail, I think they make a stunning horse look like they’re made of gold. It also goes back to my childhood when the only horses I knew were Roy Rogers horse Trigger, the most famous yellow horse of all!

  54. Kristen Bevans

    Bays! My fav horses have always been bays and sorrels, I like the classics πŸ™‚

  55. Bay roan no questions asked! You never know what they will look like season to season. Some time there bay sometimes there silver and sometimes they look like an ally instead of a quarter horse makes every season an adventure

  56. Cathy Kirsh

    I love grey horses….I got one about three years ago and I really love her and now whenever I see a grey horse I love it too. I also love the many different shades of grey grey horses can be! If I see one anywhere it always grabs my eye! πŸ™‚

  57. Marilyn Becker

    Black tobiano.The contrast of the black against the white is always eye catching! (but hard to keep clean!!! LOL!)

  58. I love buckskins! Love the way the two colors compliment each other. Reminds
    me of a fjord pony we had when I was little. I currently have a buckskin paint with blue
    eyes. Love him<3

  59. Julie Stoddard

    A true red chestnut Blood Bay. A true blood bay is chestnut with black points. There are brown bay, red bay and many other bay but finding a true blood bay is like finding a true black. Near to impossible. I’ve seen maybe 6 in 43 years. I love them. Also, dapple grey with black points. And buckskin. And chestnut. And………. well, all really.

  60. I don’t have a favourite- good horses come in all colours. I do have a soft spot for minimal white overos though πŸ™‚ I’d love to win some tickets to Cavalia and take my daughter. Her favourite color is definitely a buckskin as that is what her horse is.

  61. Thats a hard choice I love many colours of horse but I would have to say my favorite is Buckskin, fell in love with Denny off of the movie The man from snowy river when I was a child and always dreamed of owning a buckskin!

  62. My favorite color would be Blue Roan, a close second – dark grey…that’s why I have three sorrels – one with three socks, one with two socks, one with one sock, all with balzes – my three amigos, or stooges? lol….color does not make a good horse, nor does a pretty face…I am blessed with some amazing partners with great personalities…I only wish they were more exciting colors!! lol

  63. My favorite color has always been a dark chesnut with a flaxen mane and tail. So showy and with a little chrome is georgeous! πŸ™‚

  64. The color of the wrapping paper is hardly as important as the exquisite gift found inside πŸ™‚

  65. My favorite color horse is any horse that gives his heart to his rider. We have been blessed to have had some of these special “once in a lifetime” horses and they have come in a variety of colors.

  66. I love the primitive bay. I never realized that’s what is was called before, but I’m learning. My daughters, 2 and 5 are upcoming cowgirls. There is nothing they love more than horses so I am learning fast

  67. My favourite is Sorrel. My very first horse was a sorrel and I can’t stop liking them. I have owned bays, Chestnuts, Palomino, buckskin, Red Roan,Perlino, and boring brown. But always have a sorrel. Right now I have five sorrels, a red roan and a brown, though she might be a smoky black.
    My youngest sorrel is six months old. His Sire and Dam were both bays. I whispered in the dam’s ear early in her pregnancy and asked for a sorrel with socks and a blaze. It was a 6.25% chance. Hylytes Reid n Wright aka Felix came out sorrel with three stockings and a small blaze! I love sorrel!

  68. I like my grey horse most of all. Although he is hard to keep clean, once he has been bathed, he really looks great!

  69. I love all colors of horses, but I would have to say my favourite has always been a spotted blanket appaloosa. There spots and blended coloring is so unique and every horses markings are different. They stand out from other horses and are absolutly gorgeous.

  70. Have to love the bays. We have five TB bays in varying shades of brown with personalities as individual as their colors. Magnificent!

  71. Bonnie Carstairs

    Color… I love so many, but t if I had to pick one, it would be black. I’m not sure why but I’ve always loved black, dappled grey would be my second choice I think. So hard to choose because I love them all. I think every horse is beautiful πŸ™‚

  72. Dun:-) the color of the best horse o owned as a kid. Dude was so cool, hard to catch because he got rode so much. Papered as vandylad Mitch a 1982 model was just laid to rest last fall.

  73. I just love all horses any color :))) If I was to pick a horse on color I would say a chestnut with bright red main and tail they are unique.

  74. A red sorrel, like my first horse. His rich colour could warm up a cold winter landscape, and he would just glow in the setting sun.

  75. I would have to say I’m partial to Red Dunns. My 11 yr old QH is a red dun and I love how he’s really orange in the winter! Then in the summer he cleans up to a orange red with the dorsal strip and nice dark zebra strips on his legs.

  76. My favorite color would have to be blue roan…followed by strawberry roan.

  77. Favourite is a big word…it usually is the horse I’m riding, but just once I’ll make the exception. In our horse herd of 6 is Nevada, an 18 yr. old buckskin gelding. We don’t ride him much anymore as he has a large tumour under his jaw which is going to take his life shortly. I can’t describe how special this horse is to us, and to anyone whose life he touches….he just the best horse ever. He can climb stairs, go up hills backwards and carry babies around for their very first ride – or seniors who climb onto him for their last ride…he’s been special in our lives, made us more patient than we ever thought of being and we’ll miss him more than words can say. So, yes, Buckskin is my favourite coloured horse and Nevada is the best of those!

  78. I Love Any Coloring of a paint beacause there Unique In there own Way
    They are all diffrent And very beautiful!

  79. Malvena Mckinnon

    Buckskin wins my heart,when I was 16 yrs old my first Quarter horse was a buckskin,and now at 57 I have a buckskin again,so sturdy, and a beautiful color,though I wouldnt want my palomino to hear or her nose would be out of joint,lol I love her ,too,o ya my buckskin name is called Sister because my daughter has the full sister and she is a buckskin, named Quixote

  80. Susan Welty

    They are all beautiful in thier own way, but I have got to admit I’m a sucker for a 16 hand sorrel with a wide blaze.My granddad had an old mare with all the cow sense you could wish for. She bred true to type no matter what color stud he put her with. Good enough for John Wayne, good enough for me!

  81. Debby Robertson

    I like them all but if I have to choose it would have to be a palomino. I have a palomino and a sorrel. I keep them in a community pasture and when they are all out together, you can always pick him out. He stands out with his golden color with his white white mane and tail.

  82. Chocolate color with a flaxen mane and tail this color attracted me way back when with Rex Allen and his horse KoKo. And now we see it a lot in the Rocky Mountain Horse’s We love it very flashy

  83. “Sock head!!!!!” you know the classic grey wool with red nose! And jet black button eyes! And a fuzzy wool mane!…This bad boy never bucks, never needs feed, always listens, always loyal and loving… seriously thou i would have to say i like a dapple/chocolate brown.

  84. I love a dappled buckskin … or a dappled grey …. maybe I just love dapples!

  85. Michele Borodawk

    Palomino!! My first horse was a palomino – she taught me how to ride! Not the washed out pale palomino – but the True Golden kind! Flashy!!

  86. Dapple greys!!! Ever since i was a kid i have loved them but never owned one. Seems i always have bays and sorrels.

  87. I can’t pick just one – Black, Buckskin, Bay, some Paints – I guess a Bay Overo with the right markings would probably be at the top of the list.

  88. Pauline Watson

    Bay because that was the color of my first horse. Palomino is a close second

  89. I love Liver Chestnuts, esp those w/flaxen mane & tail. I remember seeing a couple when I was young & just love the deep mahogany color!!

  90. My favorite is a golden palomino. When watching a show my eyes can only follow the palomino, the rest might as well not be there!

  91. Denise Thompson

    I love a red roan pintoloosa.. it is such a unique coloring.. and no 2 horses are ever exactly alike.

  92. Jillian Kaufmann

    I like roans…they appear as wise old souls with their peppering of white or grey hairs…

  93. Anita Barnett

    I LOVE GRAY ARABIANS!!! there is just something magical about them…my first horse was a gray and now my current horse is also a gray.

  94. Shelly Ryan

    Palomino is most definitely the best colour for a horse! We use to own the stallion Genuine 007 and if you ever saw him you’d agree…..GORGEOUS! His colour is metallic gold.

  95. My dad always said you can’t ride the colour. I have never forgot this because it’s true. But if I was to pick a favorite it would be dark grey with black feet.

  96. Corrie Dunn

    I love any color of horse, so long they are a horse, my heart melts. I have four horses and they are just wonderful animals. I go to them for comfort and they make me fell great. But if I have to say a color I’d say chestnut.

  97. Glenda Wagar

    I like all colors and collect them all. I keep searching for the perfect grey and grullo. have to say though I love a dark palomino with snow white mane and tail.

  98. I am partial to black as they also look classy and easy to match colors to in regards to halters and what ever I where and I look good in black.

  99. When I see a sleek Black horse shining at me in the sun it reminds me of how very ancient our majestic friends are and of how much they have suffered and sacrificed to and for our race. This evokes a deep sense of compassion and makes me want to put an end to any and all continued suffering, at the human hand, of these beautiful souls.

  100. I love the black &white paints,you can see them so beautifully standing out in any background!

  101. Jackie Krienke

    No horse is a bad color…but a deep chestnut w/flaxen mane & tail, white blaze and four white socks is pretty hard to take your eyes off of!

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