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It may not be my favorite horse color, but this girl with her deep chestnut hair coat is my favorite lawn ornament. This time of year, she\’s well into her preparation for winter, but in the summer she\’s a glowing liver chestnut.

Last week I announced a Cavalia ticket contest. All you had to do to enter was let me know your favorite horse color.

That easy.

It was a bit of a color education reading through the comments. Bay, palomino and dapple grey seem to win out as most popular, but there were so many other interesting dilutions mentioned!

We conducted a random number draw amongst all of the comments and Sarah, you are the winner!

Sarah\’s response:

“Appaloosa. I just love the mottled skin, white sclera, and striped hooves. My favorite patterns are near leopard, blanket, snowflake, and leopard. The first horse I ever rode was a leopard appaloosa. Dapple grey and sorrel are also favorites.”

Sarah, please contact [email protected] within one week to collect your Cavalia tickets. Hurry, as the show is only playing until Oct. 21 in Edmonton, and we want to be sure you have as much of a selection as possible!

Thank you so much for participating everyone, and please refer to our Wednesday Western Horse Review Facebook post for your last chance to win another set of Cavalia tickets. Like the page, share the photo, comment to let us know you shared and you\’re entered!

Hoping y\’all have a beautiful Thanksgiving planned. Safe travels.


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