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The loss of a mare that relates to her foaling experience is heartbreaking, especially when it should be a time of celebration. In such situations, it may also be necessary to locate colostrum within the first 24 hours to provide the orphan foal with the immunity it requires.

In 1997, Albertan Peter Hurst created With support from Alberta breeders, it has become a successful resource for mare owners.

Since 1997, Cyberfoal has been providing a central location to breeders willing to distribute or acquire mares\’ colostrum. When time is of importance, this voluntary service contributes to the survival of many newborn foals.

Most pregnant mares produce colostrum and, when collected, filtered and frozen, many foals can benefit.

Collection takes but minutes to perform and can remain frozen for up to two years. How to collect colostrum is explained on the Cyberfoal website.

Each year, Cyberfoal receives more requests for colostrum than becomes available. The requests for foster mares are less frequent. These unprecedented statistics continue each year, because colostrum collection is at the breeders\’ discretion.

Find out more about how you can help at Cyberfoal.


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