Cow Horses, Roughriders & Oxygen Masks


It\’s been an interesting 7 days… Determined to get back into show mode, the twins and I have traveled from Regina, SK, back to Alberta to attend the Calgary Stampede to watch their father contend in the Working Cow Horse Classic last Friday and Sunday.

Last Thursday, Clay set out in the dually with horses in tow. And meanwhile, the babies and I boarded an airplane destined for Calgary. I learned in early July that driving from Saskatchewan to Alberta isn\’t a great deal of fun with two infants – for any of the parties involved, so I figured an hour plane ride would be much easier on us all.

Interestingly enough, I also recently learned that one adult is not allowed to fly with two infants. This is simply because in the event of an emergency, it would be difficult for one person to put oxygen masks on both babies should the need arise. Therefore, the rule in the air is: one person per infant. And what I discovered is, it actually takes one or two entire ROWS of people to care for two infants when flying.


Haha…. I\’m not kidding…

(Insert sheepish grin and nervous chuckle here…)

For me, it was bad enough worrying about how my babies would deal with their first airplane ride, let alone having to stress about the effect they would have on other passengers. Would the air pressure + their tiny eardrums cause them pain? Would they cry and scream? Would the people around me hate my guts for dragging my children on the flight? Would they forgive me when I told them of our efforts to join their father in his cow horse quest at the Calgary Stampede…?

Then I learned, the entire Saskatchewan Roughrider team was on the same plane as us…

Luckily for me, I met some of the nicest people on my plane ride to Calgary, including Saskatchewan Roughrider, Offensive Lineman #52 – George Hudson. When the airline attendants separated me from my friend, Chloe, who was flying with my daughter (because we technically had 5 people in one row and only 4 oxygen masks), I was forced to rely on the additional people in my row to pass bottles, bibs and babies around.

Picture this: #52 passed my babies across the aisle with only one hand, time and again, when Chloe and I needed to switch infants for one reason or another.

It was a pretty funny sight.

And I was also fortunate enough to meet Marta on this flight, the kind lady seen in the middle seat in the picture below. She was a complete stranger to me prior to our plane ride, but she felt like family by the end. No questions asked, Marta kindly offered to feed, burp and cuddle babies for Chloe and I whenever we needed an additional hand.



And I\’m proud to say, our babies did fabulously well! We arrived in Calgary a day early for the cow horse event and were able to attend and cheer for Clay. It was great to catch up with so many friends and family on this trip and have the babies attend their first Calgary Stampede.


Next, we\’re headed out to the Reinin\’ In The Sun show in Armstrong, BC. And meanwhile, the babies and I are researching new properties in Alberta as we are planning a big move sometime between now and next May. That should be interesting too… Clay and I will tackle the daunting task of moving horses, equipment, tractors, furniture, vehicles and of course, our new family, one province west of the one we currently live in now.

It\’s certain to be another adventure, I\’m sure! Stay tuned.

– JW


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