Cowgirl Dirt Giveaway!


As a mother and a trainer\’s wife with limited \”me\” time, products in my makeup kit need to be long-lasting and color true to hold up against the hours of errands, meetings, horse shows and travel my life course often sees. Plus, when it\’s time to just be a Mommy, I like natural ingredients and minerals that protect me from the sun, rejuvenate my skin and give me a natural look.

When I first came across Cowgirl Dirt, their fresh new products had all of this plus, they spoke to my character. And with cheeky product names (they seriously have a lipstick called \”Hollywood Dun It\”), I couldn\’t resist.

For those who know me, I am particularly picky about my eye shadow. I need a product that will glide on smooth without a \”cakey\” or creased look and hold the style no matter what the day might throw at me.

Cowgirl Dirt\’s new pressed powder comes in complementary dual tones, which makes their already fantastic product even better. On meeting days, I like to use the Arena Sand as a base, which creates a perfect foundation for an application of Barnwood on my eyelids. Then using a contoured brush, I like to sweep another light dusting of Barnwood into my creases in small circular motions. Both colors in this combo are demi-mattes.

On days when I\’m after just a quick, simple and natural glow (you know, for the grocery store and running-into-town errands with my kids,) a smooth application of Arena Sand alone does the trick.


But for any of you ladies who ride regularly like I do, the real question is…

How do these eyeshadows hold up after a hot afternoon of riding around in arena dirt, atop a sweaty cow pony?

Well! I can happily attest that after the last couple of hot summer days I emerged from the arena looking exactly as I did walking in. You know, other than the big smile on my face! (A fast-paced, high-torque workout on the pro-cutter will do that to ya <grin>).

The colors didn\’t fade away despite dust or sweat.


The other exciting aspect about Cowgirl Dirt is that all products have the following characteristics:

• Non-Allergenic and Gluten free: perfect for roseacea, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.
• Sun Resistant: contains ingredients with natural properties to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.
• Anti-Inflammatory: contains ingredients that calm irritated and sensitive skin.
• Concentrated: only small amounts of products are needed for beautiful results.
• Natural: contains no toxic chemical, artificial preservative, dyes, nano particles, talc, or parabens.

And if you have sensitive skin, Cowgirl Dirt products are 100% natural and organic! You can review a full ingredient list by reading this.

\"Pressed-Eye-Shadow\"So now here\’s the best part! Wanna win a pressed eyeshadow from Cowgirl Dirt for yourself? Drop me a comment below and let me know which color combo you\’d like best and why. Here are your choices:

• Rusted Wire / Dust

• Barnwood / Arena Sand

• Barnwood / Prairie Fresh

• Huckleberry / Silky Leather

• Oklahoma Storm / Rodeo Queen

• Saddle Up / Renegade Rust

• Muddy Boots / Golden Spurs

• Emerald / Diamond Dust

One winner will be drawn at random and announced on Monday. Good luck!



138 thoughts on “Cowgirl Dirt Giveaway!”

  1. Bev O'Dwyer

    Love the look of Huckleberry / Silky Leather!

    Love that they are organic and all natural, I’m an earthy girl who doesn’t like a ton of makeup on my face feeling heavy and am always looking for light wearing, all natural products that actually work!

  2. JoAnn Harper

    Love the Muddy Boots/Golden Spurs! I love the mud naturally 😉 but the colors are so calm and natural looking, with a little bit of sparkle ~ reminds me of a sunrise/sunset!

  3. I’d love to try the Oklahoma Storm/rodeo Queen duo! I am blue eyed so love the color combo! And you sold me on the staying put all day! There’s nothing worse then having makeup disappear in the sweat of a long day at a rodeo or ag event! Plus I love the natural ingredients and the names rock! 🙂

  4. Lacey schuyleman

    Would happily try any . What a great idea hate it when makeup gets nasty at a rodeo or just riding 🙂

  5. I love all of them but probably would get the most use out of the Muddy Boots/Golden Spurs one 🙂

  6. These sound like very cool products. Would love to try the Huckleberry, which is funny because one of my arabs is from the Huckleberry line.

  7. Camilla Martin

    Like Huckleberry/ Silky Leather… like the famous Huckleberry Bey…Like products that are natural and long wearing!

  8. therese lopez

    I think the huckleberry/silk leather is beautiful. That is the perfect color for my eyes, and I love the name of the make-up line, Cowgirl Dirt. I love the outdoors and living in Texas the heat is crazy so the fact that it lasts is great. Thank you for a make-up for us country girls!

  9. Brenda Westphal

    This product sounds like it would fit right in with me. Love the muddy boots and golden spurs.

  10. Jessica Dugdale

    They’re all wonderful color choices. A lot of thought has been put into making them for the busy woman. I think I would try the Muddy boots/Golden Spurs combo first.

  11. Barnwood/Prairie fresh please! I have never heard of this company before- I will be checking them out for sure!

  12. Jody Wamsteeker

    Muddy boots /Golden Spurs ! I have sensitive skin so I don’t wear makeup often but when I do I love natural colors the most !

  13. Theresa Linder

    Barnwood/Prairie Fresh
    It matches my boots and compliments the dirt on the back of my pants 😉

  14. Huckleberry/Silky leather
    I have green/hazel eyes but don’t like too dark a color.Oklahoma Storm looks interesting also.

  15. Kristen Coleman

    Rusted wire and dust!! Dark enough for definition and lining, and light enough to highlight!!! Love this combo!!!

  16. I absolutely LOVE the Huckleberry/Silky Leather combo! It would be the perfect pair to make an amazing purple/lilac smokey eye, which would make my eyes POP. Natural products are the only ones I use because of my sensitive eyes… And it’s A LOT safer when my daughter wants to “look like Mama” 🙂

  17. Carol Stirrat

    Huckleberry/silky leather is my choice. Having trouble with make up due to sensitivity. I would like to try this.

  18. Andrea Pelletier

    Barnwood/ prairie fresh! Love the names of them all! But being a prairie girl like me :)..

    I’ve been looking for an all natural makeup that can handle trail and arena riding for a while, lately I’ve just been heading out au natural 😉 would be nice to feel pretty while riding! I’m definitely going to look into this brand more!

    Happy trails! 🙂

  19. I love the Rusted Wire / Dust because it is a classic color pallet, very transitional. What a fun giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  20. There’s two I would use: Huckleberry/Silky Leather, and Saddle Up/ Renegade Rust. I’d like to know wher I can buythem, as it’s most likely that I won’t win 🙂

  21. Itati Escobar

    Saddle up/renegade rust was my favorite, reason being is because it’s the everyday natural eyeshadow use that every one can pull within minutes, it’s beautiful yet natural just my style 🙂

  22. Wendy Hutchison

    I love them all! Since I have to choose one then the barnwood/arena sand gets my vote for matching 2 of my horses.

  23. I would love to wear Muddy Boots/Golden Spurs…err the eyeshadow-I already wear the real things;)

  24. Marla VanDyke

    I love the fact that the products are natural and organic. The more I read about how the chemicals are bad for you, the more I have started searching for the natural products. My favorite color is the huckleberry/silky.

  25. The color of muddy boots and spurs is natural soft shades with a sexy. Look feel this color you can have the finish glow with the sunlight shimmer I would wear with jeans boots or sexy black dress

  26. Dianna McCool

    Emerald/diamond dust & muddy boots/ golden spur are my two favorite colors. I would love to try either one. I can’t use just any makeup due to my face breaking out. So I would really like too win either one of these to try. And if it don’t break me out I will most likely start buying from them!!!

  27. April Wolff

    I love the Huckleberry / Silky Leather one, because them are the colors I am used to wearing. I hope I win!! Love it, would love to try it out! 😀

  28. • Muddy Boots / Golden Spurs
    I have never used this makeup and have heard great things about it

  29. Teresa Stratton

    I would love to try the Barnwood and Arena Sand combo. I love eye colors that are natural and organic! I also have oily skin and need something that will stay on longer and it sounds like this does the trick! Please put me on the mailing (email) list for Cowgirl Dirt.

  30. Karen Kaluf

    Love the different names, something only a girl appreciates as much as she love’s her horse. Muddy boots and golden spurs – perfect!

  31. Renee Seymour

    I actually am torn between 2.
    Barnwood /Arena Sand and
    Saddle up / Renagade Rust because they just fit the color palatte I wear from jeans to dresses.
    To pick one though, I would have to go with the Barnwood/ Arena Sand just because I feel like it’s the most
    versatile for me.
    LOVE the idea of these products. Can’t wait to try them!

  32. Liz Stanley

    Howdy- well done on finding the perfect choices of shades that flatter everyone!! I especially like the muddy boots and golden spurs, that sums up life on the ranch. This is nice to see after all those glamour commercials highlighting the stick and famous. Down to earth, everyday living are the people I like to buy from. Good luck

  33. deborah patrick

    Muddy boots and golden spurs love the coppery color of golden spur goes with everything

  34. Barnwood/ Prariefreah
    Would love to try these products. Sounds like just my style no fuss, no muss but still look turned out

  35. My favorite combination is Barnwood/Prairie Fresh. I know from a lot of trial and error that this is the color combo that looks best on me, and what cowgirl doesn’t want to look her best when headed out for a day with her horse?

  36. Muddy boots/golden spurs is my favorite combination. I like some of the other colors but not necessarily in the combinations shown. I love the brand name though!

  37. Georgina Mattinson

    Muddy Boots/Golden Spurs…..I’m all about looking like you have not overdone the makeup. Very nice combinations of colors.

  38. This ag teacher & FFA advisor would love to wear muddy boots & golden spurs in her shop, greenhouse, & classroom as well as to fairs!

  39. Lisa Schiestel

    Oklahoma storm/rodeo quees
    I love the Gray and silver combo.
    Where do you get this? Would love to try it.

  40. Dani McMullen

    I love the barnwood combos and the saddle up. Those are the colors I wear, it goes better with the natural dirt from the barn all day

  41. Seems to be the most popular but I love Muddy Boots and Golden Spurs as well. Have a couple like it in the makeup bag, but am really interested in the natural products. Would love to win one, or have the info to contact for buying!

  42. Barnwood/Praire Fresh – love this colour combo and think it would be a good casual look that could be quite dressy depending on application.

  43. Sherry Gibney

    Muddy boots/golden spurs, sounds like “me”! Would love to give this a try. I wear a little makeup everyday and would love to find something that can handle my life style.

  44. Bobbie Christensen

    I am very picky about my makeup. I would love to try muddy boots/golden spurs and emerald/diamond dust and my favorite eye shadow colors have been discontinued! I try to keep my makeup as natural and light as possible so think this would fit right in!

  45. Barn wood and Prarie fresh because the gold in the Prarie fresh glimmers nicely against the barn wood

  46. Rusted Wire / Dust…love the colours and the names…fit right in with the western Horse life….fabulous idea to create makeup specifically for those of us outside in the wind and sun with our horses…and still want to look good. Way to go, about time someone stepped up and created something natural and for us Horsie gals. Are these products sold in Canada…?

  47. Adrienne Hanson

    Huck/Silky leather, it’s tough to find nice purple hues that aren’t too grape pop-like!

  48. Saddle up/Renegade rust. Would be perfect for my daughter who shows & can only wear gluten free because of Celiac Disease.

  49. I like the rusted wire and dust. You still think it’s new because it felt like you just did that fencing… but that’s never the case…. Lol

  50. I absolutely love the rusted wire/dust! Perfect go to colors for a busy lifestyle because it highlights your eyes and makes it obvious that you love what you’re doing. And there isnt anything i love more than riding my horse!

  51. Deborah Gee

    Huckleberry and silk leather would like to try as I have a hard time finding items I’m not allergy to and like so support other Montan businesses

  52. Muddy boots/golden spurs, love that little bit of shimmer! Glad I stumbled across this post.

  53. Lonnie Antal

    Barnwood and arena sand is awesome. My 6 year old asks me why I wear make up because you can’t really tell. Now I can just tell him I’m not wearing makeup, it is just a little ‘arena sand’.

  54. Megan Zapel

    I love everything you say about their products, can’t wait to try some!
    The Arena Sand/ Barnwood is my pick because it matches my skin tone the best and I love the names 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

  55. Joanne Block

    I love the barnwood and arena sand combo. For a mature eye such as mine it would be easy to carry that combination from day into the night with easy shading. Love this and will look for these products in the future.

  56. Nicky Herauf

    I am new to Canada from the UK and there is nothing like this product there – my many horse-loving friends would LOVE to try Cowgirl Dirt I am sure – so I would like to try the Barnwood and Arena and then tell them all about it !

  57. Love the sound of this stuff! All the colours are great. My pick is barn wood/ arena dust. I’m going to have to try these as I’m a busy wife, mother and rancher. I love stuff that saves time and looks awesome. I also have hyper sensitive skin so finding makeup that works is a wonderful thing. The more natural the better! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  58. Huckleberry/silky leather
    Because I love those color’s as I have Green Eyes not a lot go’s with green eyes.

  59. Marie Gosselin

    I would like the Muddy Boots / Golden Spurs. I think it would be the best color for me and would love to try those product!

  60. i really like the Muddy Boots / Golden Spurs beacause they seem like they would go with a lot of clothes that i have. 🙂

  61. i think Muddy Boots/Golden Spurs suits me the best…dirt to glamour in the same afternoon, a typical day in Alberta :)) So Looking forward to trying this line out.

  62. I believe I would like the rusted wire/dust combo. I love that you’ve created a natural product for us ‘gals’!

  63. Katrina Osterman

    I have extremely sensitive skin and never wear makeup of any kind. I would love to try your products and the Huckleberry/Silky Leather would be the perfect colors to try out.

  64. Barn wood and arena sand! These colors would definitely match my light tanned skin with olive pigment and highlight my dark brown eyes!!!

  65. Barnwood / Prairie Fresh (with Emerald / Diamond Dust a close second). I like the contrast between the two shades.

  66. barnwood and praire fresh is just right for me. I’m that girl who works all day at the office and then heads to the barn….if these last thru all that I’ll buy them right away…it would be great to try them

  67. Jacque Duxbury

    I like them all. But would like to try the Barnwood/prairie fresh or the barnwood/ arena sand

  68. Muddy boots /golden spurs…I’ve have spent so much time in muddy boots this year it would be great to have the mud where I put it for a change!!!

  69. I love the muddy boots/golden spurs. Spends hours outside in the arna or pastures mowing. I would really love to try this and find out where I can find it.

  70. MaRysa Tucker

    I love the Emerald/ Diamond dust My birth stone is emerald I love green emerald most of all

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