Double Dollar Finals


September 9, 2010 was a cloudy, windy day in Mayerthorpe, Alberta. But the weather couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the barrel racers who had travelled to the Associated Arena to compete for their share of $10,000 in added money along with prizes such as saddles, tires, buckles and much more.

The Double Dollar Barrel Racing Association is relatively new to the barrel racing world, but it has a unique format that is creating excitement. In the 2009-2010 season there were 5 host arenas each holding 8 qualifying races. For the open category points are awarded to the top 6 places in each division and the top 6 point earning horse and rider combinations from each host arena are invited to the finals, to compete only in the division they qualified in. There are 2 go-rounds at the finals with a cash payout to the top 3 fast times in each go-round, but the lions share of the money and the amazing prizes are awarded to the average champions in each division.

The 1st go-round running order is a random draw and 2nd go-round starts with the no times and works up to the fastest time from the first round to declare the champions. This creates an awesome level of excitement for the spectators as well as the riders, as the exact running time needed to move into the lead are announced before each run and the arena is filled with energy.


Terry, Faith and Paeden Schueler are no strangers to hosting large barrel racing events, and the facility and ground provided for the finals contestants was outstanding. The previous arena record of 14.221 held by Rylee McKenzie was shattered by this years 1D champion Wacey Hollingsworth with a smoking run of 14.095. Despite the wet, soggy weather for the warm-up jackpot and time-only’s the previous day, an amazing crew of organizers and volunteers came together to produce and great and memorable finals for everyone involved.

Tyler Bachelor is the founder of Double Dollar Barrel Races and more information can be found online at


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