Easter at Twin Corazones Ranch


Easter is a special time of year, especially for children. I remember the joy of the season when I was young and how special my mother made the occasion (think, four-hour long egg hunts!) Not sure I\’m gonna go to that extent with my children, lol! But I\’m excited that this is the first year our twins can really get into the thrill of an egg hunt and the notion of a magical rabbit that leaves treats for good girls and boys. Plus, the egg decorating is something that absolutely delights them. We\’ve been coloring eggs for a week already.


From the brightly colored dyes to the endless possibilities of egg creations, there are so many great creative projects for Easter decorating! We picked up a kit that transformed colored eggs into baby chicks this year.

First we dyed the eggs as normal.


Then we added tiny \”collars\” (stickers from the kits) to the tops of each egg.


Then we glued pom-poms on for heads, eyes, beaks and legs. The end result was adorable!

My daughter kept sneaking into the fridge to grab the \”chicks\” to nurture them, away from the refrigerator.

(You know how Easter eggs often tend to become Deviled-egg tapas? I\’m not sure these hard boiled suckers should end up there…)


I love this time of year. With a brand new foal out in the pasture as of yesterday, it feels like Spring has possibly arrived. That notion alone makes me happy. Very happy!

You know – until the snow they\’ve predicted for tonight hits.


Another aspect I\’m truly psyched for this weekend is the fact that I will be skipping over the traditional chocolate and candy basket for the kids this year. I discovered another idea that will let the kids unleash their inner gardeners. And potentially keep them away from Mommy\’s main garden this spring – because they\’ll have their own flowers to tend to instead!


And yeah, maybe some candy made its way into the baskets. But honestly what is Easter without a few chocolate eggs, really?


A couple of plants, a gardener\’s trowel, a kid-sized watering can, gloves, a stuffed bunny and some Sweet Pea seeds – I can\’t wait until my twins each receive one of these on Easter morning!

Happy Easter everyone!


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