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Have you heard about our Embrace Your West Photo Contest yet? Have a look at the details – and big change, we\’ve opened up the contest to all photographers – amateur, professional – y\’all can now enter. And thanks to those photographers who contacted us to let us know they wanted to participate but, couldn\’t because of their professional status. We listened, deliberated, agonized (not for long), and decided you were all correct – the contest should be open to all, and so it now is.

That\’s not what this post is about though. What I really wanted to let you know is the outstanding piece of art we have up for grabs for this contest. This stunning oil painting measures 36\” tall and 48\” wide – it\’s a showcase piece. I know this because at this moment it lives in my living room. In fact, it has resided ringside to our editorial meetings for the past year or so, as we\’ve deliberated what event or competition might warrant a prize of this magnitude.

We finally decided on a western photography contest. Doug\’s artwork speaks to western values and traditions, so we found it a beautiful fit.

The icing on the cake was learning that Doug Levitt was selected by the Calgary Stampede Western Art Auction Committee as the 2013 Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award Recipient. Completely serendipitous, and welcoming news for us. For the artist chosen for this award is recognized in the international art community as being a master of their craft. Doug’s high artistic standards and his remarkable talent make him more than qualified for such an award.

Congratulations, Doug Levitt!

Read more about this award and the work of Doug Levitt here or visit his website here.


P.S.  You might find it interesting to know the Calgary Stampede commissioned Doug to paint the 2008 Calgary Stampede poster. The original oil painting, \”A Man of His People,\” sold for a record $63,000. Given that perspective I wouldn\’t want to guess at the value of this piece, but it does make me pine for a little leeway on the \”employees of WHR\” clause. . .


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