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Today, guest blogger, Mandy Paul, from Breeders Choice helps maximize your stallion’s reproductive efficiency with advice on lubricants. Breeders Choice is a great source for equine breeding equipment and supplies and is renown in the equine breeding industry as a recognized expert in equine semen collection, processing and shipping, both cooled and frozen.

So without further adieu, I\’ll let Mandy take it away…


Breeding horses can be frustrating when you think you are doing everything right and you still can’t seem to get some mares pregnant. As stallion owners know, fertility is everything. Some stallions are born with super sperm – so good in fact, if you left it on the counter for a day and put it into a 20-year-old mare, she would get pregnant. But then there are those stallions that need all of the help they can get. The overall costs of semen collection, shipping and artificial insemination warrant the use of products that ensure the best sperm function possible during each step of the process.


The equine breeding industry has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, but we are still learning. We have discovered that some products we were initially told were the way to go, have now been proven to be harmful to our breeding program’s fertility rates. I feel the biggest improvements have come along in extenders and lubricants.

In this blog entry, I would like to focus on lubricants. Some of the major brands out in regular use in the breeding shed are Priority Care, K-Y, H-R and Surgilube. However, now there is a newer lubricant that is up-staging all of the others. Pre-Seed was developed for humans and now, a version is made especially for horses. Pre-Seed is the only lubricant formulated with the right osmolality and ion concentration for breeding horses; a buffer to ensure that pH remains stable; and an antioxidant to protect sperm from free radical damage during handling.


Additionally, Pre-Seed claims that it is the only lubricant clinically proven not to harm stallion sperm from the time of collection, through 48 hours of cooled storage. Independent studies have shown that this product helps to maintain better sperm function than other lubricants and does not interfere with the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs or support embryo development.

Scientific literature has well-documented the damage caused to sperm by common lubricants. As breeders, we spend hundreds of dollars to ensure great fertility and unfortunately, a small bottle of lubricant can get in the way of great results. Therefore, in my opinion, I think we owe it to our stallions and mares to lube up with the best. At Breeders Choice, we have gotten amazing feedback on this product with vets saying things like, “Pre-Seed has worked great on stallions with tail piece problems,” and “Breeding horses is expensive, so why not spend a little bit more for greater results.”

If you would like more information on Pre-Seed and some scientific data check out: http://www.preseedvet.com

If you would like more information about Breeders Choice, visit: www.BreedersChoiceOnline.com


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