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Love pictures like the above? So do I!! Horses and beautiful photography. Whether you choose to embrace it on the walls of your home or keep a mental image of it forever in your mind, with beautiful imagery like this you just can\’t go wrong.

\”Photographers deal in things in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.\” – Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I had the privilege of working on a special project this summer, one I would like to share with you. Introducing Western Horse Review\’s Special Interest Publication – Equine Photography:


Inside the covers of this special coffee table book, you can peruse a medley of photos – each a visual stunner, featuring the horse. Equine Photography profiles 19 photographers. Every one is a leader in their field and altogether, are some of the industry\’s most talented equine photographers.

Within the pages, you\’ll find beautiful photography like this:



*And this:



Can\’t you almost feel yourself wrapped in mud and adrenaline in the above image?

And you\’ll also find amazing pictures like this:



Tony Stromberg is an equine photographer with the ability to bring out the true essence of the horse, his authentic spirit, his strength and his archetypal nature. His images never show tack or saddles of any kind. Stromberg has found his niche (and subsequently, a large audience) in capturing the horse in his most essential form, at the deepest level of his being.

It is photographers like Stromberg and many talented others, who give Equine Photography an inexplicable edge. I can\’t even put it into words… You simply have to flip the pages and let the horse imagery grace your eyes to understand.

Altogether, the stunning work inside makes this one, gorgeous coffee table book. Yet, what also sets this publication apart from all the others is its insider information and advice from each of the pros. From amateurs to seasoned professionals, Equine Photography offers how-to secrets for capturing the most alluring equine images on the back of your viewfinder.



Such celebrated photographers as Neville Palmer share their tips for embracing light to compose the best possible shots at rodeos:



Cheryl Smythe discusses all the little nuances of equine conformation, head shot and profile images that best help to market individual animals:



And Krista Kay talks about the beauty of women and horses. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the picture below is enough said:


From Equine Glamour, to Immortalizing the Senior Horse, to photographing Western Weddings, this book has everything you could possibly imagine about photographing horses. Even I was surprised upon interviewing each of the photographers to realize that not one person spoke of the same thing – every photographer profiled had something very individual and unique to offer.

And yet the common denominator between each of them was the horse and the lifestyle unique to the passion that surrounds these beautiful animals.


Robb Kendrick is a photographer who uses the latest high-tech gear but is partial to an old fashioned feel. Kendrick is one of the only photographers in the world who shoots Tintypes: a wet-plate process photographers used in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It gives his images an authentic, vintage feel and helps keep his technique alive. If you\’re interested to see how Kendrick does it, check out this video from National Geographic:


Equine Photography even delves into the concept of Smartphone photography and features 12 of the most popular Photography Apps – and how they can be applied to equine photography.







*If you\’re looking to perfect your portrait, learn essential digital photography techniques or for secrets on how to capture beautiful moments in western weddings, Equine Photography from Western Horse Review is the perfect book for you! Be sure to pick one up before they\’re all gone! You can either visit the link here to order now, or check out your nearest Walmart, Rexall, Chapters or various other locations that carry Western Horse Review. Happy Reading! (And snapping!!)




5 thoughts on “Equine Photography”

  1. I already purchased the edition being an equine photographer myself. Amazing work. Hopefully one day, I will have a photo in it as well. Congrats to all the amazing photographers that have their photos in this amazing magazine.

  2. I purchased this magazine back in October shortly after it first came out. As a photographer trying to incorporate my love for and lack of horses into my photography I thought it would be a great resource and I haven’t been disappointed. I have been following the work of a number of photographers featured in the magazine already on FB and the web, and was lucky enough to attend a September workshop with Tamara Gooch, one of the photographers who is listed in the magazine. Can’t wait to see more of their work, and how my work changes. Would love a hardcover version of the book too :-).

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