Evolution of a Hay Shed


It might be that only ranchers, farmers and horse people get excited over something like this but we recently erected a new hay shed on our property. And I literally did a *Happy Dance* when it was done! I was so tired of all the wasted hay that happens in inclement weather. I also know my husband and our staff are sick to death of tarping haystacks – usually to no avail anyways. The rains seem to find any and all little openings and seep in, whether we like it or not. Plus, the high winds of these July summer storms have made us wonder, on numerous occasions, if the tarp was about to end up in our neighbor\’s yard.

Yeah… way too many tornado warnings for my liking this month!!

Anyways, thanks to our friends at Black Diamond Rona, we now a \”big, beautiful hay shed\” as our kids call it, to protect the precious investment of square and round bales we must begin to stock before winter sets in. I took a few shots of the building as it was being put up, thanks to Ten Point Construction. This crew of hardworking fellows were very professional, quick in their execution, safety oriented and they did a great clean-up of excess materials when the job was all finished. Plus, a representative from Black Diamond Rona came out to inspect the job site at the very end as well, to make sure we were happy with everything.

We were.


The trusses for our new building arrived back when things weren\’t yet so green…


Following the excavation part of the project (done by another company), the main supports of the corners began to go up:


Gradually the walls began to take shape and the roof trusses were readied to be raised on top.


Roof is on!


And as the weather – and specifically the winds – cooperated, the siding started to be installed on the back wall and roof.


Our hay shed was coordinated to match our arena, meaning a few strips of white siding was added at each corner for a finishing touch. Personally, I\’ve been adding up all the moldy bales in my head and the damage control this new hay shed is going to help us with is a beautiful thing.


Since it\’s been done, the kids and I have gone down every day and had a little party in it <grin.> Of course, my hubby filled it with hay today, so we might not have the same kind of space tomorrow to burn donuts in the kids\’ power wheels. But hey, I\’m sure we can improvise.




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  1. That’s looks great!
    We put up a similar hay shed last year and I love it!! Mine is already full for this coming winter !

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