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Are you interested in learning about equine health for free? A unique opportunity is being offered by Pflizer Animal HealthHorse Illustrated Magazine and Horse, for equine lovers to be apart of their Horse Health College from anywhere in the world.

To top this every week from now to the end of December, the college is handing out prizes for those who register.

This program outlined the college includes topics such as:

  • -Parasite Control
  • -Respiratory Health
  • -Vaccinations
  • -Lameness

“Every month, visitors get essential horse health information from vets and other equine experts. At the same time, they’ll be working toward a diploma that will qualify them for the Horse Health College grand prize drawing,” says Elizabeth Moyer, dean of Horse Health College and editor of Horse Illustrated “In addition to the opportunities to win great prizes, we’ll bring horse owners the knowledge they need to keep their horses healthy.”

There is a diploma students can work towards. To graduate, students are required mark 60% or higher in nine of their courses. Those interested should note that the program runs through January 31, 2012.

For more information about this program, contact Lisa MacDonald, director of marketing, at 949-855-8822, ext. 3345. You can also check out the website for Horse Health College for more details about this opportunity.


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