Freeze Frame – Barrel Racing

There\’s no denying it, Sherry Cervi is on fire. The defending world champion barrel racer and her legendary mount, Stingray, light up the dirt in any arena that they run in. So what equipment do they use to set them apart from all of the other girls who are hot on their heels?


1) BIT. I ride Stingray in a two piece snaffle from the Carolina Bit Company.

2) HAT, SHIRT, JEANS. In this photo, I am wearing a Resistol straw hat, a Resistol shirt from my own collection and Cowgirl Tuff jeans.

3) HORSE BOOTS. I use Legacy splint boots on the front and back legs, made by Classic Equine.

4) PAD. Also by Classic Equine, I use a plain felt pad for under-the-saddle support.

5) SADDLE. I ride a Crown C saddle, made by Martin Saddlery.


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